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Gucci Lanyard
Gain 10kg more
BEBE jacket
Chanel Foundation
Car license next year
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Get married to OTJ
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tattoo my whole back


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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Critics and comments welcome
Credits to Photographer - Peter

Japanese school girl theme


Some tags replied
(Please search for your name)

hi: hi any idea where to buy naval studs? :D
To hi: Every piercings shop sells .

passer: do you know any website which sell GUCCI LANYARD / HP STRAP .
and realible? ah lian all same de, mayb u urself do not know that u are using a
guai lan tone when u thought u are friendly.
To passer: Go Gucci shop and buy. I actually know what tone I'm using.
If its really in a rude manner, i will admit. But its not.

ABCDEFG: where you bought that white shorts on the October 10 post ?
thanks and stay preety
To ABCDEFG: Its actually a white skinnies. And i folded it up all the way.
Can be bought online or at Bugis street, etc. I'm selling away my yellow skinnies.
Letting go at 15 bucks , interested do let me know.

Blogreader♥: Yah, I saw her in rl before. Really prettier.
But in photo also pretty :) 11 Oct 08
To Blogreader: You saw me in real life before ? Must at least say a HI.
hahahaha!!! Thanks anyway. cheers.

Calista: Hey I like it when you tie your hair like the way you did in your
"wedding" photoshoots , very nice ! & dppp[e stop being childish ,
no one appreciates what you're saying here . Loser -.-
To Calista: My darling tied my hair that day. I love it too, maybe i should
have the same hair style every day. hahaha!! Thanks anyway.

dppp[e: xu chun mei sellling her worn before clothes . wahaha
To dppp[e: Another unknown bitch. Please say more, it does not
affect me, not even a single bit.

eh: her bf noe your bf? if nt hw will they haf your bf no.,
To eh: I think they are camp mates ?

yanTING: you need to gain 10kg... i need to lose 10kg. :(
To yanTING: I would gladly accept the 10kg of fats if you wanna donate to me.

omg: hey!!where ur darling learn her make up at?? oh ya..ur ten kg FATS
stil wif mi..hahaha hey but seriously..u can go those..erm..find those chinese
doc help u gain weight leh..i findin chinese doc help mi lose weight..wahaha if
she took the money den give u guys back the wallet..i tink she is dumb leh..
y she so hum?ne go back tel bf 1st den her bf cal ur bf n tok..loser sia..
To omg: Cosmoprof Academy. So you stole my 10kg fats away from me?
Haha, give me back ok!!! haha, I did went to the weight gaining centre,
but have not tried out the medicine yet, its like 900plus bucks per month.
Yeah, friend suspect she stole the money, but not sure though.

Peiwen: Aye people,not like I'm "defending" her or smth. But she really look
different in RL and photos. Photos may be deceiving so can you all stop comenting
about it? If you really think she's that bad,you wouldn't even visit her blog. So why
bother making SO MUCH hassle of commenting on others when you hate that person?
To peiwen: Replied on msn.

Angelina :D: hi dear! can i cal you Isabella?:D thanks for helping me pierce
smiley today! you really look prettier in real life! my friend say that too! hope
your fine by now! cause afternoon you were realy pale
To Angelina :D: Hey hun, thanks so much for the concern.
I'm fine now. Do take care of your piercing. Cheers!

eh: your song doesnt sound great. can change?
To eh: My blog song is for me to enjoy and for you to enjoy?

omg: i tink is some nua thingy on somebody hand rite?
not for eatin butfor shootin pic?
To omg: BINGO.

tingting=]: well,ppl out there critising her,seriously i dun know wad is e point
u ppl condemned her??do u tink tt her life ll b affected by ur tags? if she aint
affected,den y u ppl wan waste ur time comin to herblog??n if u hate her,n dun
wish to see her face,y come her blog oso??her blog is posted wit her pics! dun u
tink ur action contridicts?dun b so childish lah,dun stab a ah lian behind ur screen.
critising her doesn't make u prettier=]well,if u r really pretty,n u r here jus 2 tag
nonsenses,i tink,ur heart ain't beautiful too=]
To tingting=]: Relax dear, find your other tags below. haha

/JIA: Isabella, how much you charge for belly piercing?
To /JIA: 35Bucks including stud.

namee:D: Hey, is your lip piercing still there? haha. didnt see you put them yah.
and your tongue also never show before. ;D but can say your eyebrow
one is really nice. ;D
To namee:D: The scar of my lip piercing is still visible , but i did not put the
stud anymore. Yes, I still have my tongue piercings, i think you can find it at
some of my older archives? Yeah, i love my eyebrow one too.

tingting=]: is tt a waffle icecream with raspberry flavourin??
ooppss!!m i tinkin too much??haha!!
To tingting=]: Yes,dear, you are seriously thinking too much , haha
Wow you always tag my blog, do you have a blog too?

xxx: you got chap one isst?
To xxx: =.= why?

josephine: You very pretty and you have pure skin. I abit black causse
I everytimmee swiim. wad uue use for washingg face?
To josephine: Thanks darling. Last time, i used to swim, my favorite sport.
I don't wash my face, only when i remove my makeup then i will use Biore
cleanser to wash my face. I'm a very lazy pig, you know.

passerby: loook like ice-cream! ;x haha. stay pretty! ;DD
To passerby: Haha, feel like licking it right ? thanks dear.

♥UglyducklingJX: Hey Poisonwawa , can you link me ? :/
To uglyduckling: You are? I only link people whom i know.

yiyi !: hey you look damn cute in the japanese outfit :D
& other pictures too, haha lastlong!
To yiyi !: Thanks hun. I will last long.

AGirl~ :))))): Do you know where can u get Mascara or eye liner
that prices are average yet nice? ;D Thanks ya
To Agirl~:): Erm, which type of mascara do you prefer ?
I'm using face shop eyeliner and maybelline and chanel masara.

Wanyee!: Hello! (: I'm one of your fan yo! :D Anyway, I think the
picture on your lastest post is some kind of cake with strawberry jam? Hahah(:
To Wanyee!: Haha, wow, i actually have a fan? Got fan club? hahaha!!!
Strawberry jam? it looks yummy right ? you wanna try? hahaha

Rena: Look like bloody nipple. =x
To rena: Haha, you are so pervertic. haha, but i like!!!!

Blogreader♥: Looks like a vocano had just erupted. Hey wait,
I think I saw some peachy stuffs like .. foundation! LOL.
To blogreader: Omg, you have the same thinking as me man!!!!
haha, read my blog, and you will know.

QQ: Hey, you look more pretty with your fringe down i feee. (=
To QQ: Hi dear, thanks for the comment.

hey: it looks like marshmallow :Dyou look like a barbie doll in your
japanese outfit photoshoot! (x , like a fake doll.. sooo nice (: !
To hey: Haha, wow, creative mind you have. haha, marshmallow? haha
Do i really look like barbie doll? Quite a number of readers said it.
But i don't think so. Haha, I'm 100% a normal girl ok. haha

passery-bendan: poisonwawa, cann i just add you in msn to chat
w you there ?i didnt chack email th . thanks . hopes to hear your reply :D
To passery-bendan: Chat about what,dear? Ok, leave your msn down.

eh: it seems that alot of passerby had commented tt u look like xu chun mei. =.-
To eh: So??? Just because she's very skinny???

-: u apply lower lash? whr u buy it from? i mean fake lower lash*
To -: Far east.

Zest.: Hey, may i know if tongue piercing is EXXXXTREMELY
painful or is hard t handle? :]
To Zest.: Nah, its not as painful as you think, honey.

rachel: you look younger and prettier with your frindge let down :x
i like your hair when you wore that gown :x
To rachel: Thanks hun. I love my hair on that day too. its really nice.

-: it looks like jam,lol.
To -: Yeah, looks abit like jam or small ice cream. haha

Clara (passer): I'm just curious why don't you go for eyelash extention ?
stay pretty & best of luck for your O lvls . I believe you can do it ! takecares:)
To Clara: I'm still studying so i can't do eyelash extension.
And having eyelash extension is damn irritating, you will have difficulties
when putting on makeup. Thanks for the wishes,hun. I love you.(:

Blogreader♥: Omg, what is that. Looks realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
disgusting, hahah :} Stay pretttttttty.
To Blogreader: Stated on my blog. To me, it looks yummy. haha

supporter: you are so indeed pretty! god is so nice to you.slim and
good figure nice features, you have it all. how i wish to be you...
To supporter: Thanks so much,dear. you really flatter me. I'm not as perfect
as you think. I don't have a good figure at all )): Don't be like me ,
you will regret. So many clothes can't wear.

ahjess: poisonwawa is the sex yo {!}
To ahjess: Ahjess is the sex yo !! hahahaha

pb-: I think you're seriously hot & pretty :D but you should abit fatter,
definitely you got the potential to be model . rock'on
To pb-: Thanks dear. I'm trying very hard to grow fatter, but failed.
Any tips for me ? Nah, I don't even have the standard to be a model.

helllooooooooooo: U GOT help people to pierce lippps?
To hello: Yes, got.

passerby-j: you look so small size in the latest pic!!
To passerby-j: Yes, I'm very petite.

helloiamjess: where'd you get the leopard dress from?
To iamjess: Selling it at 39bucks.

Passerby: i think your most recent photoshoot,the one you said
you satisfied with one.the eyes look weird. no offence just comment.
To passerby: Wow, your eyes damn power and sharp. I thought nobody
would notice it. Yes, some thing wrong with the eyes there. There's actually
another photo of that when the eyes looks perfect, but positioning of the body
abit wrong, so when i pose for that picture, dust went into my eye and the
photographer captured it. hahaha.

Priscilla: hey (: , meet you before at tamp while you help my friend
do piercing (: , anyway I just wanna say you look so pretty in those photos (:
To Priscilla: Oh isit ? Haha, wa, look pretty in photos? means i don't
look pretty in real life ? so bad, hahaha!!!!

Passerby123: nice wedding gown!!! :)
To passerby123: You find it nice? But i don't find it nice. it looks horrible
to me. hahahaha!! Different people have different views. cheers dear.

erin: hi, where do u normally shop for ur clothings? any shop to
recommend tat sells nice clothes? cos i seems to short of sme fashion
taste lately ==" can't get wad i want wherever i shop!! =="
To erin: Either online, bugis or far east. Depends on my mood. haha.
When you shop, you need to have patience ,dear. haha, shop with me,
confirm can get what you like. Lol. haha

XiaoBen(passer): nice pics yo..if u are getting married Congrats yea..Cheers
To xiaoben: Thanks, nah, not getting married soon la. haha, cheers too.

♥ ' L-Jiayannnn,: Hey! I love your hair in the picture on
Sunday in the wedding gown! :] Pretty!
To Jiayan : Haha, i love it too man. All thanks to my darling girl.
Maybe next time i should tie up my hair like this. haha!!!

ahgerl: pretty, where you bought your eyelashes at? :)
To ahgerl: Far east.

pass: Hey, i think you look better while smiling with your teeth. the rest soso,
no offence though. You look like a barbie doll in one of the pictures about
the schoolgirl theme one:)
To pass: Ok, thanks. Babie doll ? No la, barbie doll much more prettier and
cuter . hahaha

hi: which blogshop/shop you bought the leopard highwaist dress?
To hi: I'm selling it at 39bucks.

PB: you look not nice with your piercings wearing a wedding gown.
spoiling the whole image.
To PB: I don't care whether it looks nice or not. Its not even my real
wedding, i don't even give a damn. It not whether its nice or not,
its whether i like it or now. Thanks for the comment,anyway.

passer-by: you look pretty on oct 5th but the rest you dun look pretty. (=
To passer-by: So is that a compliment or ?

Cassie: Hi Isabella! You look really gorgeous in that wedding gown,
like very mature and that happiness on your face..! Envy you hahaha :)
To cassie: Haha, thanks so much,sweets. Don't have to envy,
you will wear a wedding gown one day and you will be the prettiest girl too.

passerby132: OMGOSH. you look super pretty in that wedding gown.
your hair totally look so nice. and btw, i think that you look prettier if you
put your findge down instead of clipping it up.
To passerby132: Thanks honey. My hair was done by my darling girl and
i love it so much. I dont really like side parting fringe now(:
But do i also look good with my fringe up? haha

imelda.: hello! i suppose you were wearing the dress for photo shoot right!
my sis done it before.
To imelda.: Haha, yes.

Chloe: How much for a smiley and eyebrow piercing each?
To chole : Smiley:25bucks including stud. I'm not doing eyebrow.

omg: gal..EAT MORE EAT MORE..JIA YOU..go c doc??
chinese doc..really wasted..u wil look perfect if u gain weight
To omg: I'm trying very hard to gain weight, you know? But no matter
how much i eat, i just won't get fat. See doctor also no use))):
ViVie: the wedding dress design is not nice, but duno why it look cute on you =]LOL.
To vivie: Yes, i don't find it nice either. Its rather big for me.
haha, cute ? Haha.

tingting=]: hehex!let me guess.let me see if i m rite.u r sure to be marryin otj,
budden nt now rite??cos u still studyin and he still in army!so tt is a photo shoot
for portfolio??wahaha!am i rite??haha!!last long long=]well, olevels round e
corner le!jiayous!!look forward for ur reply=]~~
To tingting=]: Yes, not now. haha,you are so smart, dear. Yes, its actually
a shoot for my friend's make up portfolio. thanks for the wishes.

reader xy: no offence, just feel that your wedding dress is not very nice. :)
and, all the songs you update is nice.
T ready xy: Yes, that wedding gown is not nice at all. My wedding gown in
future will be 10 times nicer . hahaha!!

jane: thanks for replying. err what glue do you use? mine's uber sticker =/
To jane: Using the glue that is selling at Aries. What type?

x/3Lihui: Imma back! i'm glad you gonna get married,Or not? It doesn't matter,
you gonna marry him sonner or later. Gratss in advance :)
Last long and have a big fat baby!
To Lihui: I'm not getting married la. haha, yes, sooner or later.
Thanks for the congrats. I'm hoping to have a big fat baby, haha

WL: you're doing for some photoshoot right? o.o

priscilla: erm ... hello ? hi .. i read your blog offen ,and this is my first time
tagging ! ;DD , and i rly hope to wish u all the best with your bf :D
congrats ^^ , xoxo .. :x
To priscilla: Thanks for reading my blog,dear. Haha, but I'm
not getting married la. just wanna make you guys feel excited. haha

ahjess: wa , so fast try wedding gown alr LOL
To ahjess: Very fast hor? But there's not my future wedding gown. haha

Superwoman ♥: You getting married?(:Laughs*Congrats if you are!{:
And fasterfatser upload other photos! I want to seeeee {: Haahah.
To Superwoman: Haha, I'm not getting married la. Just joking. hahaha!!!
Yes, so many pictures to see . haha, happy ??

baby !:D: ellos . update ur bloq ! i l0ve readinq ur bloq . pretty girl ;)
To baby !:D: Updated,dear. haha, thanks.

(: haha bet its for photoshoot la! if she was really getting married to her
boy she'll announce it much more excitedly! hahaha
To (: BINGO. hahaha!!!!!

riel: u gettin marry if is congrat..and all spammer why cant u all shout up do
ur tings oni,dun kip made ppl tag box full ob ur nonsenseand hw she do her
blog oso non ob ur business..isabella nt yt link mi,,lol..
To riel: Haha, I'm not getting married la!! Was just joking .
Wanna make you guys excited. hahaha!!!!

georgina: yur hair very nice . the wedding shrit de
To georgina: Yes, I seriously love my hair that day, thanks to my darling girl.
But i hate that wedding gown, its not even nice/elegant at all.

xoxoxo: hey eu really v. nice on th weddin gr0wn =D !!! & ur hair too! tc!
To xoxoxo: Haha, thanks. But the wedding gown is fucking ugly man.
And i love my hair, haha, do i look nice in that hairstyle ?

Blogreader: Hey Pretty! {: Hmm photoshoot or really you marrying? LOL.
Stay pretty!
To Blogreader: Just a photo shoot. haha!!!!!! If I'm getting married,
my gown won't look like that, that gown is UGLY.

Passerby<3: Congrats! may u and ur hubby 4ever loving :biggrin:
To passerby<3: class="pn_std">

Cl0ver: hey babe! you look totally gorgeous in that gown =] congratz! envy
u so much :/
To Clover: Thanks so much dear. Maybe you should congrats me next time.
I'm not getting married la, was just joking ,dear. hahaha

Sandrina ♥: hello pretty ♥
To sandrina : Hello too.

Passby: Hey you look super sweet with your wedding gown, *envy*
To passby: Thanks , haha!! But i hate that gown, not nice.

wow: Wow, nice song man
To wow: Yes, i love malay songs.

passy-bye: woo.. you are getting married?? congratuations..
To passy-bye: haha, not marrying now. thanks anyway.

comments: lol .. u look like chucky bride's. ORH. maid . lol
To comments: Haha, maid ? You mean YOU or ME ? I bet is you.

:D: Mind teling me the price of your piercings her as there's something
with my email . Thanks .
To :D: What type of piercings?

ps: married cos shot gun?? congrates anw, last long and happy =)
To ps: HAHAHA! I laugh damn loud when i see your tag. anyway,
come back to my blog soon, and you will know the answer.

laine: so ur bf still at limchukang camp?
To laine: Who are you? you want to know for ???

Pass-.: I've the same b'day as you. (; Anw, you do smiley piercing?
Can describe roughly how you do the piercing? & how much?
To Pass-.: Haha,really? 24august babies. haha!! Yes, i do piercings.
Its a very easy procedure, why not you email me ? I let you know more details.
isabella240891@gmail.com , 25bucks including stud.

joyce: can i ask what do you use for piercing smiley & naval?
To joyce: Hollow pin.

PB: you dont look like japanese school girl at all. and your uniform..
To PB: So you mean only those japanese looking girls can wear the uniform?
Why are you so naive and close minded ? So what i don't look like japanese
girl? I'm 100% Singaporean , get it ? The uniform was sponsored by the
organizer, and its a 100% Japanese school uniform.

adelyn: hi! if i order the lens but i opt for registered mail i wld hav to pay
hw much mre? thks
To adelyn: 3bucks extra.

-Lala: what th hairstyle name when eu was in sec3 , it nice(:
To -Lala: I think its spiky and layered hair style.

-: eh, you got do piercing mehs? &your bf hv how many tongue piercing?
To -: When you type, don't "eh" here and there. Yes, i do. If you
are a blog reader of mine, you should know. He have around 6-7 barbells.

Girl: then pierce naval pain marh ?
To girl: Hey dear, It depends on individual. Its bearable. wanna pierce?

melinda: hey :) im wondering if we can buy a pair of lens ,
but both of a different degree each ? and does it come w a solution
and issit painful/scary if u use it for the first time ? thanks :)
To melinda: Yes, both different also can. There's no solution and its not
painful, you will get use to it . Welcome dear.

Passerbyer: hi babe. you're pretty. i'm so jealous. anyways,
how much's your tongue periceing? do stay prettyyy/ :)
To passerbyer: Thanks for the compliment. 20bucks including stud.

.: Hi my dear. SOmething to note, im afraid u cant take car lisc next year
as u stated on ur wish list. It requires an age of 21 with effect frm next year
im not too sure about it though, u can go check. n also, u are prettier
without ur smiley pierce.
To .: Yes, i also heard about it from some of my friends. I'm also not sure
whether is it the 1991 people or the 1992 people. either one, will check it out
very soon. Haha, but i love my smiley piercing. thanks anyway.

Passerby123: Hi (: Love your pictures. Try to put on more weight ^^
You'll look fabulous. good luck for exams and last long with him!!! ^^
stay pretty and happy ;D
To passerby123: Yes, I'm trying to gain more weight, but i failed badly.
I really wish someone would donate all their fats to me. thanks for the wishes.
Takecare darling (:

cheryl ;]: hello pretty (: do you do eyebrow piercing ? how much woulld it be ?
To cheryl ;]: No, i don't. Currently i don't have the equipment yet.

anon: you're pretty, really! bt, i dont think you look good with that smiley.
no offence. this is not a spam yeah, dont take it too hard (;
To anon: Thanks darling. I'm not offended, no worries ,dear.

joyce: hi, can i ask what do you use for piercing smiley & naval?
To joyce: Using hollow pin, same like shops.

(:: Hi. How much is your piercings?
To (:: Depends on what piercings you wanna get,dear.

Joelyn: Hi, I wanted to get the lens. but I can't send any email. so erm,
it is alright that I add you up in msn and i'l order from there? well, unless
the spree is still on. if not, thanks anw:)
To Joelyn: Yes,added you,dear.

erm..: have you ever thought of changing your current school specs to
black rimmed one? Cos yours is like transparent frame right? I think you'll
look better if you change it to black frame. Or other colours
To erm..: Yes, I'm changing it to black soon,but i don't have the time.
Mine is not transparent, is more like brown specs. Thanks yeah.
And you are from my school? Haha, you are?

passerbyyy: Hello sweetie.. i wanna get piercings from you..i just emailed
you last week.. i think you will remember me..haha
To passerbyyy: Yes,yes, I replied your email already,see you on friday.

--- [[[[[x: you knw the part whr it is near the cheeks on the ear, t ht small bone,
wht piercing is tht?
To ---[[[[[x: Its tragus piercing, dear.

pedestrian: hello! im back to view your blog, i totally love your japanese uni picture.
It's so adorable! (: the way you blog and all makes me wanna befriend you girl!
Take care,yo!
To pedestrian: Hey,thanks for coming back dear. I love my Japanese school girl
pictures too. haha!!! Yeah, I'm very friendly, you know. haha!!!

Anon.: I am so fat ): At least you skinny, not many people will say you.
Somemore you are brave enough to stand up for yourself. Not me..
To Anon.: You are wrong dear. Skinny people also get criticized. No joke man.
Many people have seen so many plus size girls, but whenever they see any
skinny girls, they will start to stare because they are curious. This is what i
experience when I'm outside,dear. Everybody should stand up for themselves.
You are there to defend yourself , nobody will defend you dear.
If you think you are right, stand for your rights, you can do it .

: hellos! For the hair extension preorder, could you teach me how to put if i
buy from you? Cos kinda beginner at it. (: Thanks:D
To : Yes,sure . No problem,sweets. Welcome.

Michelle: yous qot help people pierce dehs ahs ?
To Michelle: If you are a reader of my blog, you will know the answer.
I've been piercing for so many months? Why??

loathe/love.: er, i just want to advise you something.cus frm my exprience,
there's no forever love.people married to each other, but do they still love each
other until the ago of 50.the answer is 'NO'.they stay tgt cus of children or other
purposes.so just wanted to advise you that you should love yourself more dhen
any other thing else.hope you dun get offended of wad i said.(:
To loathe/love: Hey dear, I'm not offended. Yes, i get what you mean,
its really true dear. Marriage is just a piece of paper. But maybe i know what's
my aims, that was why i think positively. Thanks for the advise,dear.

saxsa: How to see if there is vein at the lips? How you check if there is vein
before you pierce?
To saxsa: Hey dear, any part of the lip area can be pierced, no worries.
Unlike tongue, there's veins.

Blogreader: Hmm. So how to put in? LOL Stay pretty! ;}
To Blogreader: Put in what? Haha!

reader: thxs fer ur rply. but i am only going for freelance modeling only.
but the first photo shoot had to pay for mysekf for $570. shld i go for it?
To reader: huh? you have to pay 570 for a photoshoot? so far, i've not paid any
amount for photoshoots, its either they pay me or do FOC to boost my portfolio.

elinas: will it get the lense by oct 24 like that ? thanks ! (:
To eilnas: I doubt so.

Cassie: Hahaha okay! Anw, is it true that if I buy the clip on extension from you,
will have $1 off? :)
To Cassie: Yes, only for my readers.

Passer(:: I've been viewing your blog for a very long time, since last year.
And i do notice that you change quite alot, in a good way. you are more kind to
your readers now, very very good. And i've been here sine you post up your 1st
photoshoot pictures, and day by day when you post up, your poses are getting
better and nicer. you simply look very photogenic. your photoshoot pictures
are gorgeous, you improve alot. many cheers to you babe. I really admire you.
To passer( :: Thanks reader, appreciated. Haha, Yes, I'm very kind now
compared to last time. Thanks, i hope to improve on my poses as well.
Thanks so much for the compliment.

To B: I bought it at Far east, dear.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, October 12, 2008