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Anything wrong with my big name?
I'm a peranakan child,
malay is my 3rd lauguage.

If you think you know me well,
read my blog & think several times.
I'm turning 18 on 24 August.

I'm not so much of a girl who looks at
the dollar sign, but more for a guy
with a good heart.
No one can judge my life.

Everthing has a limit to it,
If you step onto my tail,
i will give you hell & i mean it.

I'm attached to OTJ

Last but not least,
I'm not the bitch that you want to mess with.


I'm attached to OTJ
I'm going to marry him in the future
I love no one,except him
He belongs to me
If you dare,you snatch him
& i will take the parang & chase you around.
you think I'm joking ?
Try it then
Blissfully engaged on 01-05-06


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Get into a Dance Company
Navel Piercings
Repierce Tongue
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Septum piercing
Eyebrow piercing
Gucci Lanyard
Gain 10kg more
BEBE jacket
Chanel Foundation
Car license next year
New engagement ring with hubby
Get married to OTJ
Pass my O's & get into polytechnic
Event management courses / diploma
Waiting for the time to
tattoo my whole back


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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Critics and comments welcome
Credits to Daniel


Reply to some tags.

: wow~ soooo sweet! :P
To reader: Haha, thanks thanks.

omg: TangTang eyes remover can remove foundation..
but i tink ur face is goin to spoiled totally..

To omg: Your words are so insulting.

TangTang: The eye remover cant remove foundation right?
what did you use to remove your foundation? (:

To Tangtang: No, can't remove foundation and all, its only for eye makeup.
I'm using Biore makeup cleansing gel. But i still don't find it good though.

passerby :): u're really really pretty! haha, and i admire you for your
high level of self confidence!

To passerby:): Thanks dear. Having self confidence is the key,
so that you won't be affected by what others say. Cheers !

G: Hey pretty, how do you hide yr eyebrow piercing during school hrs?
do you use the retainer?

To G: I let my hair down. What retainer? You mean the braces one or?

passerby: stay chio and last forever :]
To passerby: Thanks dear . Loves.

(:: DO YOU pierce below naval ?
To (:: Yes, i do. its actually the same like upper naval.

JustAPasserby :: Haha, I read your blog will suddenly very happy :D
Last long with your boyfriend (: All the best!

To justapasserby:: Oh really, i didn't know i have the power to make you
happy. haha!! How come you will suddenly get happy ? Haha.
I will last long, thanks dear.

Psrby: Your bf is like so super swt! Mine wont even give a damn even
whn we're having a cold war! Hope tht the both of u last forever:D

To psrby: No, i'm sweeter than him. haha, honestly,
that was the first time he said that, I'm kinda shocked too, because
he's not that romantic kind of boyfriend. haha. Thanks.

yihui: elloooos isabella.! i'm bck. waliews ehs. ur boyf so swt. hahas.
i'm jealous =x hahas. bt nvrmind. cos boyf oso hv pros & cons one.
i lik to see ur modellin pics so post mre leys.. =/

To yihui: Yea, you are back to my blog again!! Don't jealous la girl.
Okay, will post up my photo shoot pictures as soon as possible. loves.

x/3Lihui: Yeah,Biography. Don't worry,There definitely would be,
Look at laozharbor. XD Nice photos anyway,Last long with ya hubby:)

To x/3lihui: Really admire her, she's so old, and she have a blog too. haha
Thanks for the compliment. Take care Lihui.

passer by =]: how ue become a model e ah ? =x

To passer by=]: I don't consider myself as a model, i don't have the standard.

riel: hhaha,,ya ue and ur bf shud hab went through alot..hope u all happi evey aft,,
To riel: Thanks riel. we really gone through alot of stuffs.

sq: why didn't you reply tags in your blog? ):
To sq: since when i never reply tags in my blog ? I do replied every tag,
but not everyday. I don't even have the time to do so.

r: really nice to see you and your hubby so sweet (:

To r: Thanks.

mel: hey isabella. in case you're wondering who the hell am i , im mel
from your school. the one who always smile at you in the bus. haha. and
i really envy you and your bf. i hope the both of you will last till eternity
(: see you when i see you:D

To mel: I was shocked when you tagged. I didn't know you read my blog
too. haha!!! Thanks so much, will last long. Don't have to envy, you
will find yours soon man (:

reader: i am maybe going for the chances given by create talents to be a model.
but wondering been a model is it hard?

To reader: Good luck to your modelling carrerr then. I don't consider
myself as a model at all because I don't have the standard to be one.
Be really careful if you wanna sign contract with any company.

tingting=]: heyhey!yah,when u really in love,small little actions and words
from him ll make u happy e whole day.happy anniversary!last long long eh!
i counting to mine and my bf anni oso!so jy!haha!loves!

To tingting=]: Yes, totaly agreed with you,dear. Oh,you have a bf too,
last long too yeah? remember to invite me when you get married. haha
I've replied 2 of your tags below. slowy search ah !! haha

TY: Ah, your boy is so sweet luh.. (:
To TY: Not always sweet la, I'm sweeter. haha

Eliza: Hi, i like your jap style uniform. so adorable. ^^ and oh yah, do try
Biore's Make-Up + Oil/Impurities Remover Wipes. Its NOT oily and just
one wipe, your eyeshadow & eyeliner's gone. 3rd wipe, your mascara will
do(waterproof ones) Darn good

To eliza: Thanks, and do i look cute wearing that? Haha. I will try it
after my Loreal remover have finish. But i think if its oily, its also better,
because the oil can remove makeup more better. I will try that soon,thanks

qew: does ur piercing have a chance to hit the vein?

To qew: I've pierced for at least more than 55 girls (naval,tongue,lip,smiley)
Pls dont doubt my skills. thanks

xoxoxo: ii think eu would look nicer if eu remove ur smiley pirecin :D
& eu look so cool been a model !

To xoxoxo: I think so too, I don't consider myself as a model because
i don't have the standard to become one,dear.

J-: Hi, i'm just wondering. how to approach photographers for photoshoots?:}
To J-: You need to have connections, like through friends, etc.

Passerby: Hey,tagged.Btw i think u look nicerwith ur fringe letting down>.<
To passerby: Thanks, but i did not let down my fringe because its kinda long
now, so it always hurt my eyes. And i don't wish to cut it anymore. haha

A: Hey do you know where sells high waist belt? :)
To A: Alot of places sells it, like Far east, bugis street, etc.

Rynnie: Hello may i ask what school you'e from ? How come got aircon ..

To rynnie: Some unknown school from the East area. Oh,
only Air con classes for graduating students.

passerby: youre so lucky!! hw u get to be model derh?!
i've always thought need to be 170cm++ hahas =)

To passerby: I don't even have the standard to be a model yet,
in SG, you just have to be at least 165cm to join model agency.

passerby: what camera u use arhs? very nice & clear
To passerby: Nikon L18. I don't really like it.

manda: does photoshoot affect ur studies ?
To manda: I'm not doing anymore photoshoots for the time being,
so i hope it does not affect my studies .

Babysuki: Poisonwawa,thanks : ) yous acutally open my eyes to a backstabber,
but all the while i didnt notice,just recently i found out only.

To babysuki: You thanks me for? I don't even know who are you talking
about, dont even know who is that backstabber.

ro reader: and her shoe rack only has that pair of ugly heels LOL
To ro reader: I bet i got more heels than you do. Do you know how much i
bought that heels? if i wear it for just one time & keep it in my wardrobe,
won't it be wasted? use your damn brain

reader: hello. i read ur blog everyday. and i wan to c u without make up!
hehe. ok, so random.. i can imagine ur wardrobe a lot clothes.. lol

To reader: I posted it up few months back.Alot but half of it had been sold.

passerby.: love your eyes!

To passerby.: I love it too^^.

kay: Jap chool girl porn actress? more like it.

To kay:SHUT THE FCUK UP. you are damn bloody rude.

guest: its psycho and not physco?
To guest: wow, you actually take note of my spelling. My bad, typo error.

MANLI: I MISS U!! haha! Nice photos.. hopefuly have next time again.. xD
To Manli: Miss you too dear. You set your blog to private?

LT: hello , i like ur contact lens :D the one tht u're wearing on when taking
a close up pict of ur eyes , where u buy tht ? what brand was it ? (:
To LT: I won't reveal the colour, but i can order for you since I'm selling it.
Its not from singapore, imported from Korea. 18bucks mailed,
but you have to wait for a few weeks time.

Xiaomin: Hi pretty, do you have any tips to make the stomach smaller?
To xiaomin: I have no idea babe, maybe you can don't eat supper.

LEAH: Hello isabella ! May i ask how to use the fake eyelashes ?
Stick it to our eyelid of eyelash ? And the contact lens , how to remove it ?
Is it painful when wearing it for first time ??
To LEAH: Stick it right above your real eyelashes,but before doing that, curl
your own eyelashes first to see better outcomes, then after putting the fake one,
use mascara to blend them, so that it looks more real. I can't teach you how
to remove contact lens here, maybe you can ask the staffs at the lens shop.
Its not painful, but if you wear it the wrong side or something, you might
get infections or maybe feel rather uncomfortable.

jane: hi babe. can the make up removal that youve introed, remove the
fake eye lashes glue as well? cos i put on falsie and always have a hard time
removing those glue stucked at my eyes
To jane: Yes, for me, can. But after removing, you still have to wash your
face with the cleanser, did you do that? The outcome will be better.

shall: bella, today go thru poa paper lehs :D
To shall: I didn't know, or else i would have go to school that day.
So how many failures and passes?

D: hello. can recommend scar cream?
To =D: I don't really know anything about scar cream, but i did a research
for you and it seems that there are different types of scar creams.
Maybe you can search for it at yahoo? or maybe watsons?

Calista: Hi pretty . Do you know any places which sells interlocked sexbands?
Take care & God bless .
To Calista: So sorry,dear. But I'm not a fan of sexbands. So i don't really
know which places sells that. Maybe you can try aries ?

Passerby: Hi,which piercing is more suitable for girls? and,which kind of
lip piercing suits girls better?Need some advice~thanks.And does lip piercing hurts?
To passerby: For me, i love labret piercing, which is the center of the lip.
Girls suits naval piercings, its a very logical thing. All piercings are
bearable, dear. It all depends on individual and how you look at it.

heythere: you got the equipment for naval piercing?
To heythere: Yes, i have, But please take note, I don't use clamp.

ViVie: i tink u look pretty now. =] hmm is there anyway to make infront
to look bigger. your seem big @_@ haha. asking for your advise.
i tink u should buy more blue and red clothes, suit u ALOT!
not everyone suit red. but you wear le, look more sexy. ^-^!
To VIVIe: You think? Or do i look really look pretty now? Hahaha!!!
I'm not sure, because i didn't do anything to make mine big, and mine are not
really that big , haha!! Thanks to my mum good genes. But maybe you can try
drinking Papaya milk tea, might help.Yes, I really love blue & red clothes.
Haha, i didn't know i look more sexy in red clothes. haha

Constance: Yeah,very tough.I hope I could get good grades.
You could try NAFA. (:
To constance: Nah, I don't want to get in NAFA, after grauduating,
i don't want to get involve with any art progammes/school, etc.
Had enough of my damn art. haha!!!

Girl: Where's naval ?
To girl: Belly button, dear.

lol: i likehow u reply almost all e tag,it is basic Courtesy(:
To lol: Yes, i agreed. Basic courtesy is the key.

tingting=]: heyhey!u hav a stall at tamp??haha!!i was working at tamp
jus now ,the cpf buiding as roadshow promoter.din know u are there,
or will find u do pirecin.loves!take cares!
To tingting: No, i don't have a stall at tampines, just meetup for piercings
there, wow, roadshow? Must be earning big bucks yeah ?
You have got a reply from me below.

Mayleng: th one on 24august ! :D
To Mayleng: Bugis.

tingting=]: haha!fromur pics lah.haven seen u real life lah!but sure taller
den me lah! I oli 159 lors!!yea,my weight highest is like 40.but when i was younger,
i am heavier leh!funny lors.
To tingting: From my pics, i looked rather tall and i don't know why.
But the truth is, I'm seriously very short, around your height.
Poor me, haha!!! 40 can already la, I'm only 33kg, i want to gain
10 kg of fats you know. Hahaha!!

passer: is navel and tougue piercing pain? i wanna try, but dont really dare.
my friend say the pain is bearable, but i dont dare to give it a try. =(
To passer: Yes, all piercings are bearable. If you really love piercings,
then go ahead and get it. No one will stop you babe. If you are really
interested and wants to engage my piercing services, let me know.

Julin(Passerby) - Missy.: eh stfu up lah. keep those comments to yourself.
i believe she doesn't need your comments whether she's pretty or ugly. if
she's fcuking ugly, what are you then? i bet you are even uglier idiot. don't
jealous that she's prettier than you. jealousy kills! =x hey isabella, ignore
those spammers. they super boliao man. (; don't get affected by them.
anyway, you're pretty!! all your photoshoots are beautifully taken.
good luck for your upcoming O level! xD
To julin: Thanks darling, but we should ignore spammers, they are a bunch
of sicko's. Haha!!! Yes, i'm not affected at all. Thanks for the wishes dear.
Takecare of yourself, loves !

Cl0ver: hey thanks!hw abt nice perfumes? :x sorry,cause i dont know who to ask:]
To Clover: I'm using Versace currently, and i find it nice.
I love Escada and also Anna Sui's perfume. To me, its nice !

Amaryllis: i remember you used to reply tags to your height (:
159 right??? :D BUTT YOU LOOK REALLY TALL!!!!
To Amaryllis: Haha, yes!! Keep that a secret.
And i don't know why i looked tall also , i hope I'm 165cm.

reader: hi.. i think the latest photoshoot why not so nice liao..
i think cuz of the positioning of your jaws.. no offences.. :)
To reader: Its okay, dear. since i allowed critics and comments to
my photo shoot pictures. Maybe no the positioning, maybe the angles
or something. I'm not too sure though, don't really like that picture

passer: go clubbing pay to who?need buy ticket go in?sorry . im noob .
To passer: It really depends, if its an underage clubbing, then if your friends
are selling the tickets, you can get from them, then show the ticket
to the bouncer.

Passerbyyyy: Pretty.
To passerbyyyy: Thanks dear.

xoxoW: where is naval piercing?
To xoxoW: Its the belly button. Interested in having one?

wawa: may i nod is there ani sizes for the Yakuza top ?
To wawa: Not that sure though, got S,M,L, etc for guys only.

123456: haha, yup it's really nice! you look great. :)
To 123456: Thanks hun !

Jess: hmm. i love your photoshoots.mind introducing your photographer to me?
To Jess: Send your details , 1 full body shot, half body shot, closeup
to isabella240891@gmail.com

Cassie: Hahahah, I just walked pass to the toilet. I paisei to say hi la hehehe.
Maybe another day when I saw you again ^^
To cassie: Haha, okay !!!! See you soon and tell me you are cassie(:

Blogreader: HELLO! Im interested in buying contact lens,
but I dontknw hw to put in :{ Can teach? :B
To blogreader : Yup, of cos i can teach you.

xD: hi there!you're really very nice hahax:Anyway all the best
for o level yeas :D missy :shoo shoo!
To xD: Really? Kind in what way? Thanks alot for the wishes.
Yes missy, get the hell out from my blog, haha!!

riell: hees..sae nv ci my tag so nw cum tag lle lo..cus tat tm seldom use
internet ma..eh sumone so bo liao same tag,tag3tm..eh if u tink isabella ugly
den u veri pretty uh?/?..she oso nv sae wan let ppl c..even if is at least i oso
dun tink is our business..all spammer dun jus hide behind de com..and spamming
ppl u all dun feel tired meh?if ppl spamm u,u will hw..use ur all de mind pls
To riell: Yeah, you have been tagging lesser nowadays, but
i still appreciate, my dear. Spammers are fuckers. Ignore them.

ahjess: yo :)
To ahjess: Yo too !!!

missy: what a fcuking ugly face you have. no one wants to see your
face or body lah. so cheap uh?
To missy: Hey missy, do you realise what you are typing ? I've got really
confused when you said I'm cheap. So tell me dear, i'm very curious to know more,
which part of my beautiful blog tells you that I'm so called " Cheap "

twelve: the photo makes your lips look alil bigger than the rest of th photos.
To twelve: Yes, i think so. Probably because its a close up and
also due to different face angles.

Passer by.: hahas. Im not a malay, im chinese but i do hear malay songs!
ive seen you in school with you nerdy specs. hahas. i think you
should not wear specs lahh. more nicer. hahas.
To Passer by.: Oh gawd, so you are a student from my school ? Cheers!
Nah, I love my nerdy specs , i will wear it to school everyday. haha!

Smile: can i know where u buy your kimonos ?
they look great on u & u look gorgeous . thanks .
To Smile: I bought all at different places, but i love the one's at
Far east, very nice designs and comfortable materials. Thanks dear.

beads: hey, just pass by your blog and read it by chance. Although you are
really skinny and that wasnt very nice, I still hope to have your body figure!
at least you can wear very low bottoms to show off your tiny lil waist.
do you have any tips for girl who isnt that FAT, however, will big tummy
that really look like a pregnant lady? (:
To beads: Oh my, you are seriously hoping to have my body figure?
I think if one day you really have it, you will regret, just like me now.
I'm trying my very best to put on 10 kg of fats. haha!! But i don't like
to show off my waist/hip area at all, My hip bones are too protruding.
Form that fats to muscles. haha!!! Exercise man.

passerby: you dont have to always reply every tags (: if not your .
blog would be filled up with tags . stay pretty
To passerby: You are wrong dear. My blog readers made the effort to tag
on my tagboard, so in return, i must also make the effort to reply each and
every tag. It does not really matter whether my blog are filled up with tags,
but at least , i reply their questions/comments, etc. Thanks (:

yihui: waliews.! u owaes sae u look nt nice.make me so zi bei.haahs. tc! <33
To yihui: Haha, it's the fact please. Don't feel zi bei man,
I mean, for what right ? I'm not Jolin Tsai, so don't feel zi bei. haha

Anon: nice blog song. U're confident and be comfortable for who u are :)
To Anon: Thanks dear.

F I O N A :D: Love your blogging style lahhs! :D and
you're somehow cute in your blogging ways? xDD
To FIONA : Haha!!! Thanks dear. I'm cute in my blogging ways ?
Oh my, can i hear more of it please? Like in what way. haha

I love Ong Tai Jun

Thursday, October 02, 2008