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Anything wrong with my big name?
I'm a peranakan child,
malay is my 3rd lauguage.

If you think you know me well,
read my blog & think several times.
I'm turning 18 on 24 August.

I'm not so much of a girl who looks at
the dollar sign, but more for a guy
with a good heart.
No one can judge my life.

Everthing has a limit to it,
If you step onto my tail,
i will give you hell & i mean it.

I'm attached to OTJ

Last but not least,
I'm not the bitch that you want to mess with.


I'm attached to OTJ
I'm going to marry him in the future
I love no one,except him
He belongs to me
If you dare,you snatch him
& i will take the parang & chase you around.
you think I'm joking ?
Try it then
Blissfully engaged on 01-05-06


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Navel Piercings
Repierce Tongue
Smiley piercing
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Gucci Lanyard
Gain 10kg more
BEBE jacket
Chanel Foundation
Car license next year
New engagement ring with hubby
Get married to OTJ
Pass my O's & get into polytechnic
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tattoo my whole back


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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Blog owners who are keen to let me advertise for your blog shop,
do email me at isabella240891@gmail.com

Terms and conditions applied, must be able to at least sponsor 2 items and above.

What's the big secret to have bigger and brighter eyes ?
Other than having nice and thick make-up, contact lens do play an important
role too. Somehow, beginners might feel that contact lenses are simply
troublesome, pain, irritating and etc.

But come on, if its really in that case , no one, including me will be wearing
contact lens at all. For those who don't really know the procedure to put on
contact lens , you can either search on You Tube and maybe Google.

And before i forget , do you guys know that Halloween is around the corner?
Why not get a pair of Crazy/funky/wild/colorful lenses for yourself and
friends. I simply love those bright and vibant colors provided by
. It simply makes me stand out from the
crowd and attract more attention from people around me.
And i can even use my eyes to kill those that i hate. (Oh,how i wish)

Sometimes I really get a bad headache over such attractive items, there's too
many designs and i really don't know which one to choose or rather which lens
design suits me. If i am given the chance, i would grab all of it without hesitating.
Any kind soul in this fucking world ???

This blog shop is selling Colour Vue Contact lenses which includes
3 tones,
big eyes colour , Fushion,& many more different types of lenses.

I know many of you people have been dreaming to go to Taiwan, Hong kong,
Korea and Japan etc. I love to be there too. There's so many handsome dudes
and gorgeous babes there. And most importantly, I simply love the gorgeous
clothes from those countries.

But fret not, you don't have to fly all the way there to buy nice apparels ,
its such a waste of money. Because this blog shop owner - Sharylnn is importing
Japan and Korea apparels which takes about 1 - 2 weeks to arrive in SG.

I was given the choice to either choose 2 pairs of contact lens or 2 items
Japan and Korea apparels . I wanted to choose 2 pairs of Crazy lens,
one for me and another pair for Hubby. Hubby wanted the lenses which make
the whole eyeball white except the pupil. Sounds scary huh ? And i wanted to
get the red one instead. Do you guys know that I'm so so so in love with red !!!
But sadly , crazy/wild lenses are only available in ZERO degree.

So i choose this white, elegant dress.
NICE ????? I love it.
And guess how much is this ? It's only a cool 15bucks.
Does it sound too good to be true ?
And yes, they have it in Grey too , but i still prefer the white one.
Thanks Sharlynn for sponsoring !!!

After choosing the dress above, i don't know what's the next item to choose.
So many nice apparels and i really don't know which one to choose.
There's this heart-shaped dress , its simple and lovely.
Tell me which one to choose. Awwwwww, having headache again .
My beloved Mum told me to take the Grey dress with heart shape,
because she also want it. hahah!!! Both of us kept on sharing clothes.

This is the urban vintage dress and i find it very very cute.
Colors available are White, Red, Green, Black and Grey.
Nice and crazy colors. Hahahahahaha!!!!
So should i choose the Heart-shaped dress above or the Urban Vintage dress??
I need some opinions !!!! And i actually wanted to get this Urban Vintage dress
in red color. Cool huh ??? Give me some comments, darling!!!

There are limited designs, but fabulous price.
What for entering into a blog shop with UN- limited designs but
prices are too expensive ???

Last but not least , my BLOG READERS gets
5 % OFF !!!!!

So, don't forget to mention that you are
" Isabella " Blog reader !!!

Thanks to the blog seller who sponsored me 2
exquisite items.



I love Ong Tai Jun

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yeah, FINALLY my MOOLA MOOLA arrived few days back.
I've been waiting , waiting and waiting for them to send me this Cheque.
And FINALLY !!!! Guess how much i get this time??
Thanks Nuffnang.

I'm waiting for ADVERTLETS to pay me again, I've cashed out the money
during September , so i think they will take a few months for it to be
processed. The first time when ADVERTLETS send me the money, they
took a few months time. I just went back to my ADVERTLETS to check
for payment and you know what, i am eligible to cash out money again !!!
OMG, i should not have cash out during September.

Because I've not receive any payment yet for September cash out, and
i will have to wait for few months time. And now, if i cashed out another payment
during October , I think I've to wait till next year to receive my money )))):


I know I've not been updating often nowadays.
I'm having my O's now , hope you guys understand.
6 more pathetic papers to go and then I will be a free person .

Luckily Roadshow Casting for tomorrow was postpone to another date,
or else i won't be able to go for it .
Bye guys, I've to study for Math Paper 2 and POA .

Last but not least, I love my Ong Tai Jun !!!!

Critics and comments welcome
Thanks to Photographer Daniel.
Is the picture nice? I love it!


I love Ong Tai Jun

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

I will be free for piercings this Saturday around noon time 12pm at east area.
Anybody interested in TONGUE/NAVAL/LIP/SMILEY piercings,
do email to isabella240891@gmail.com for more details.

Please do not ask me about piercings on my tagboard,
I will not reply. If you really can't email me, do leave your number down,
after i take note of it, i will delete the tags.

Cheers !!

I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't really know how to put on Fake eyelashes ?
Don't know which type of eyelashes looks nice on you ?
Most importantly, you don't know which type of glue is good and effective ?

And now,
you really want someone to teach you how to put fake eyelashes ?

This will be a fun and exciting day for you girls out there who really needs help.
I'm planning to organize a " How to put on fake eyelashes " classes for you girls.

And your teacher in charge will be YOURS TRULY and yes, that's me !!

VENUE : Ris Granduer Condominium,

Elias Road.

Nearest Mrt : Pasir Ris .
Date : 4th November (1pm to 2 pm)
7th November
(2.30pm to 3.30pm)

Class duration : 1 hour ( For those who have difficulties after 1 hour,
will be given extra time until you girls know how to master the skills.)

Items you have to bring : Mirror , scissors and Glue.
Items provided FOC : 1 pair of Fake eyelashes

Fees you have to pay : 15bucks per person.
Maximum girls per session : 6 girls only.

Bring your friends along too.
Guaranteed that everyone will know the simple steps for putting eyelashes
within an hour or maybe within a few minutes.

Come on , Join my classes now.
Its only 15bucks per person and only maximum 6 girls per session.


Interested , do email to isabella240891@gmail.com
or leave your number down at my tagboard . Will delete away after i see it.

Critics and comments welcome
This picture was a candid shot taken by one of the photographer.
Really admire his works.


I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

I asked baby : " Do you want to eat crab ? "
Baby said : " Yes dear, i want ! "

Then 2 weeks ago, I went to the supermarket to get 2 big fat crabs.
Thanks to the kind lady whom volunteered to choose the crab for me.

Tell you guys a big big secret that I've kept in my heart for a very long time ,

I'm really afraid of crabs , i don't even dare to use the tongs to choose the crab.
I don't even dare to put them in the damn plastic bag.

Actually, its not any big secret.


And the best part of a crab is the big pincer. Anybody agree with me ?!
During Family Gatherings, I would always be the one who snatched away
all the Pincers first and my Aunt would be the second person to take away
all the shell of the crabs especially if there's egg in there.


I was actually supposed to wash,cook and chop the crab all by myself.


the whole process was not done by Yours truly but done by my beloved hubby.
So it was not that fun afterall , because i did not have any hands on with the crab.
FYI, i don't even dare to wash the crab , haha.
Hubby did everything, i just taught him what ingredients to add.

I wanted to cook ,but baby said :" You sure you know how to cook ? "
One minute after baby on the gas, i poured the whole crab inside, haha,
I've forgotten that the frying pan must be hot first.
So my baby became the CHEF OF THE DAY .

3 cheers for my baby !!


But at least 50 % percent credits goes to me too !!!
Because i was the one who taught the CHEF OF THE DAY what ingredients
to add with . HAHAHAHAHA
Guess what's the crab flavor of the day ?
The one and only unique flavor in this world. ( As if, hahahaha )


The best man !!! Hubby and I love CRABS.
Gonna buy crab and bring over to Hubby house tomorrow ( Saturday ),
and this time,100 % guarantee chop plus photocopy ,

I WILL DO THE COOKING, yes, all by myself !!!!
Wait and see, hahahahahaha!!!!


Oh ya, do take note.
My pictures from the recent previous entries can't be viewed
because my Photo bucket Bandwidth exceeded , but it will reset every
month. Oh shit, PHOTOBUCKET is driving me nuts. Damn it.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ku tetap setia

Critics and comments welcome
Thanks to the photographer



hellooo~: you know how to pierce tongue?
how much do you collect for tongue piercing?
To hellooo~: Yes, i know. I've been doing piercings for the last few months,
and i have pierced for at least 65 girls before. 20bucks including stud.

passe: do we have to pay if you advertise for us?
To passe: It actually depends on your blog shop. Email me your
blog link to isabella240891@gmail.com , thanks.

passerby: erm how much do you charge for tounge and mouth pircing ?
the barbell can choose or cannot ?
To passerby: Tongue is 20bucks including stud. Lip piercing is 15bucks excluding
stud. Lip have too many designs and sizes for the stud, so i don't provide it.
You can actually choose the size of your lip piercing. Stud can be choose
if i have extras. Interested ?

passerby: hi, you are pretty, mayb i know what type of brand is
suitable for pimple skin? if dunno is ok. love
To passerby: What type of cosmetic ? Thanks anyway.

hb: it seems so bright in OCH
To hb: Certain places in OCH is kinda bright, but most places there are
dark and scary. haha!!!

Angelina: hah, felt very honour to have my name up :D
To Angelina: Haha, don't have to feel honored la, I'm not a celebrity.
hahahaha, cheers !!

passer by 333: whats that thing on your teeth?
To passerby: Its my smiley piercing, dear.

ite: ite is good anw. ite stand for its to enjoy~~~
oh btw, donating blood can also helps u to gain some weight(:
To ite: Thanks, but I'm not interested in getting to a ITE. Donate blood?
I'm so skinny, don't have much blood left. haha!! Is it true?

buu: u r so thin! ur leg jst lky a bamboo!gain weight ya!
To buu: Trying hard to gain weight,dear.

(:: i like e way u dressup (: but er.. compared to ur frwen r u too bony
or isit ur frwen is er... fat?? :P
To (:: Which friend are you refering to? Oh, I'm boney la, haha.
So even if my friend is average, but if they stand beside me, they just
look " Fat ". Hahahaha!!!

xxx: hi babe , dont really think u should always clip up ur fringe . look
@ ur photo shoots with bangs so cute !they look so much nicer dont they
To xxx: I clipped it because my bangs are very long now, and when i let
it down, my eyes hurts. And i don't want to have bangs too, so the only
choice was to clip it, dear. Thanks anyway.

Passerby: Your legs seemed scary. But, not bad overall. (:
To passerby: Yes, it might look scary. thanks anyway.

passerby: hey sweety. Try to gain weight ya?
To passerby: I'm trying my very best ,dear, but its difficult.

passerby-xy: come here to listen nice songs. =D
To passerby-xy: Haha!!

Siyun: just a passerby, you looked rly bony on oct 18th post. must jiayou
to put on weight kay? and, it will definietly look nicer on you. stay pretty! :D
To Siyun: I'm trying hard to put on weight. Thanks dear.

.: get another pair of heels, ask the photographer do close up shots. nicer.
take care lovely sweets!
To .: I've got too many pair of heels at home, but i love the recent pair
that I'm wearing. Close up shots ? I don't really like it .I have a few ,
you can check it out at my previous archives. Takecare too dear.

georgina: hey babe , how much do you charge for lip piercing ? how many
days it take to heal? i mean plus hollow pin and stud . thanks <33
To georgina: 15 bucks including stud. Lip studs have too many designs,
shapes and size. At least 2 weeks or more.

Passerby: Hi, how much is your tongue piercing excluding the barbell
& hollow pin? & Will you check for veins before you pierce? (:
To passerby: I know how and where to pierce. 15bucks excluding studs.
But 20 bucks including stud. Interested do let me know.

michi: hi , why u dont wanna go ITE ?
To michi: I'm from the express course, of cos i need to aim for
either Poly or JC. So ITE is out of the idea.

YueNi: u can conseder RP's events management.. i've got 18pts and I
can get in.. you can try your luck.. good luck :) take cares oh.. forget to
tell u also.. if there are better schools that you can go into den choose them
because although RP is very very slack.. but everyday is the same thing
and it is really boring..
To Yueni: I'm not going to RP'S, the course there is kinda lousy. haha!!
I'm think I'm gonna study Private. Anyway, what do they normally teach
for event courses ? Next time, you enter into event company,
do pull in ok ? I wanna work and maybe be events manager. haha

Jas: Hey, im sec 3 now. same as u i nvr study.
and i think im going to retain. any advice?
To Jas: If you really retain, then work hard for the next upcoming year,
since you are learning the same topics again. Retain does not mean
its the end of the world. Cheer up!

-: the latest shoot in the yellow top was great. you look plumber in that one!
:) you should get another pair of heels cos you have long toes and they don't
look flattering in those heels. just my opini!
To -: I've got too many pairs of heels at home but I'm currently using
that heels because i really love it. Thanks for the opinion, dear.

hb.: ITE got course on event management. go check it out!
To hb.: Not interested in ITE. thanks anyway.

emily: you should go for MDIS Events (: I'm inside. It's really good!
To emily: MDIS only have events course for advanced diploma right?
What do they normally teach ? email me at isabella240891@gmail.com

Passerby: Your tongue piercing won't hit till vein? Sorry for the doubt, but
i really scare of it. can tongue piercing be hidden? cause i want it,
but my parents doesn't allow it ):
To passerby: I think you have emailed me right?

..: Harlowhs prettey^^ is smiley piercin' painful?Can use eyerowstud tuh
replace smiley stud? hope eu will reply annd stay as pretty as ever:D
To ..: Not painful. Its bearable. Yes, eyebrow stud can be used if you
don't want your smiley to be seen. Interested do let me know.

XIAORUI(READER): Hellos , It's good to have stress , means that you really
wanna do well for your suject ! Jiayous alright . I believe you can !
Just do your best ! takecares , drink more water:)
To xiaorui: Yes, i really want to do well , but i don't think i can cope with it.
Anyway, thanks for the wishes yeah (: Takecare too , dear.

loves: hey dear ! you looks so pretty, envyenvy* you looks so
cute in your japanese outfit :D staypretty.
To loves: Haha, thanks darling.

hello: you can draw a window, with shadows of sunlight, then with flowers
in a vase place neatly at the side, and a bird at the window [:
To hello: Thanks, but I'm doing other topic.

Amanda: Hello babe. The dress is really nice,
you will look good in that dress yeah(: Tkc.
To Amanda: I don't think i will look good in it, because my hands are so tiny,
and its a tube dress. I'm not suitable for sleeveless tops/dresses )):

Y: Hello dear,do you still help people to pierce tongue?How much is it if is yes?
To Y: Yes, i do. 20bucks including stud. Interested?

To ART: yes, you got it right , dear. I'm doing Cavities. thanks.

tingting=]: wad happen to ur bf??injured durin army??
To tingting: During his outfield , he suffered a heat stroke due to lack of water
and hot weather. Its kinda common for army boys .

georgina: hello ! take care babe! . what happen to your bf? oo... anyway ,
got any idea how to slim down on arms ? TT
To georgina: During his outfield , he suffered a heat stroke due to lack of water
and hot weather. Its kinda common for army boys . I've got totally no idea
on how to slim your arms. Maybe you turned those fats into muscles?
Exercise. hahaha!!!

Passerby: Hi, i have a lip piercing last week & i want to close it.
But i has a scar, got any tips or anything to make the scar not so black ?
To passerby: You just had the lip piercing, so you might not have a scar.
If you have a scar, please avoid dark and light soya sauce.

Wenni.: Hello, didn't tag for a long time. I agree with you. I really feel
uncomfortable when the people there are like standing beside you when
we're just looking around. Searching to see if there is any clothes that suit us
or fit us.Then,once you take the clothes they will start to say and say and say.-.-
To wenni: Yes man! Sometimes i even felt irritated. They will just stand there
and watch every single movements we made . like criminals ? Haha.

passer.: which piercing hurts the most? Tongue, lips or smiley?
thanks & you are only 33, so skinny! do you eat alot? stay pretty(:
To passer.: Maybe tongue ? It really depends on indivual. Smiley is not
painful at all. The pain is bearable dear. I'm 35 kg now, trying very hard
to gain at least 10 kg of fats. haha, yes, i eat alot.

F00NGSZE: I also had problems like ppl spamming my blog too):
Think we're on the same boat, whereas ppl keep spamming.
To Foongsze: Haha, really ? Almost every bloggers experience that(:

Blogreader♥: HELLO! Saw you @ Dhouby Ghaut today with a small
young boy. haha, you so prettttty! :)
To blogreader: Haha, how do you recognised me ? I was wearing my
sunglasses. hahaha!!! thanks. Should have said Hi to me.

lo: is eyebrow piercing painful? i heard its bearable but looks so painful :\
To lo: Somehow, it felt like ear piercing to me. Yes, its bearable.

anonymous: is what goes around comes around not
what comes around goes around -.-
To anonymous: Wow, you actually take note of what i typed.
My bad, some errors. Thanks anyway.

Shiyu(:: Jiayou for your O's alright?
To Shiyu: Thanks dear.

passerby123456789: hey hey hey , it has been a long time since i last tag
you.what happen to your boy?why in hospital,hope you will do well for your Os:)
To passerby: My by is seriously fine now. During his outfield,
he suffered a heat stroke due to lacked of water and the hot weather.
Its very common for army boys. Thanks for the wishes.

YANTING: i hope to get my naval pierce. but i'm afraid of the pain...
what should i do?? :(
To yanting: Hey babe, first of all, all piercings are pain but bearable.
So if you really want to have a beautiful naval piercing, then you have to
tolerate the pain which will last awhile. Interested, do let me know.

chiewhui: hi .. i really don know what to do here .. my boyf has been
scolding me for nothing and beating me .. i felt so hurt , and he offens sms
girl .. but when i ask for break , he always say sweets words and do things
that really touched me . i am really helpless.. u and yr bf is rly happy ..
can u tell me what to do ?
To chiewhui: Hey dear. First of all, I'm very sad to see what you had typed.
But please don't do any silly things ok ? Its natural to feel hurt, who don't ?
Have you guys sit down with each other and talks things out ? I guess that
would be a better choice. He can't control himself so he tends to beat you
but on the other hand, he still loves you. Like what you said, when you wanna
leave him, he tried to sweet talk with you, saying all those mushy words.
Maybe you should give him some time to change and see how things goes.

-: passer; you very pretty right ? show your face la , stop barking here and
there . as if you very pretty like that -.- get lost
To -: Haha , thanks darling !!! Don't care them, just let them be.

TY: Aww, look at all those poor lifeliess spammers, they think what they say will
make people believe Isabella's ugly. I believe we can see she's pretty for ourselves (:
To TY: Haha, spammers simply have no life, dear. Don't ever be like them ok?

pb - passer: i think you're fcuking jealous of her. i think she is very pretty ok.
i saw her before in real life. bet you're fcuking ugly, that why can't tahan she
pretty then come here say she look like xu chunmei larhors. why nt you say
right infront of her that she's ugly? i dare you laa. dont stay behind
the computer & bark ok. DOG : )
To pb: Hey dear. Don't get so worked up. You saw me in real life before ?
Wow, didn't say hi ? Hahaha !!! Don't care about those spammers.

A: Hey dear, I don't think the lastest jap school girl theme matches you :/
sorry yah. But you're pretty no doubt (:
To A: Yes, i don't really suit that theme , but i was paid so I've got
to accept the organizers ideas and themes. Thanks for the compliment.

passerby: are u working as a model?
To passerby: I don't regard myself as a model simply because I don't
have a standard to be one yet, and I'm just doing freelancing now.

new reader: heyhey. nice blog. u r v thin!! Gain more weight!! and i think
u look prettier with longer fringe its makes ur face fuller. =) just some of
my commments hope u dun mind!!
To new reader: Wow, I've got a new reader !! I'm trying hard to gain weight,
dear, but i guess its because of my high metabolism and also due to genes.
My face too slim right ? Can't even pinch any fats . haha!!

passerbyebyebye: its easy to remove your lip scar. 1. dont eat too much
soya sauce. 2. go buy scar removal cream. oh and btw didcha regret piercing
your lip? you are freaking skinny leh!! teach you how to grow fat. eat eat eat
when lying down on the sofa. hey wait that makes the butt grow biggeryou
must grow fatter abit! i think you'll look nicer when your fatter. Makan ahhh!!
Your metabolism too high already
To passerbyebyebye: I don't intend to remove my lip scar dear, because
its not really obvious, but thanks for letting me know yeah ? I did not regret
piercing my lip, is just that I'm getting too tired of having a lip piercing, thus
i did not put the stud so after few months, the hole became smaller but still
visible. Ohmygod, i didn't know that lying on the sofa will make me fat ? haha
What if i get choke instead ? Haha, I'm trying very hard to grow fatter ,
yes, but metabolism rate will decrease as you grow older. Can't wait ^^

anon: Long time did not tag tag you.lol. how are you?? love ur photoshoots .
To anon: I'm fine dear, just kinda stress up nowadays due to exams.
What about you anon ? Yes, I love my photo shoots too!!! Awww.

passss: Hey,you are pretty.. I love the way you blog. update more.
To passs: Thanks darling, be my everyday reader and i will update more!!

HELLO: Hello, May i know where do you pierce for people? Like,
which place do you go to pierce for people?
To Hello: I always do piercings at east area , usually Tampines area.

♥YING: hey ): what's a smiley piercing ? x:
To ying : Hey dear! What's with that frowning face ? Haha
Oh , its actually a piercing near the upper gum area . Pain is something like
ear piercing, its totally bearable . Interested ?

tingting=]: jiayou!!guess u wun hav e time to blog tis few days or even weeks!
well,mus rmb sleep early e nite b4 every paper!!u need lots of energy!!jiayous.loves=]
To tingting: Haha, I do update my blog often though. Sure got time to
update some pictures of myself. haha, can't be studying 24/7 right ?
I will go crazy by then. Yeah, i will work hard . Much love too.

ys: hey pretty , u using e face shop eyelin?. is liquid de or crayon form?.
hw much u bought for it? . u e pretty la.
To ys: Yes, I'm using face shop pencil eyeliner. I'm not sure dear,
because i bought it a few months back, but i can say its really good.
It won't so smudge so badly like other brands. Worth buying !

Angelina :D: hi Isabella, me again, haha. your readers should really
trust your piercing skills! do take care, don't anyhow eat,but have proper meal (:
To Angeline: Thanks dear !!! I'm really fine now. Much love.
And do take care of your piercing yeah?

Zest.: Rmb me? ): I didnt go over the last friday cus i was still unsure
abt hving a tongue piercing. should i? I mean, isnt it bloody painful? no?
To Zest.: Nah, the feeling is totally bearable, dear. If its really painful,
nobody including me will get a tongue piercing. No worries.

Anon.: Finally I saw your reply! Hahah. Yah i know what you mean.
But sometimes its against people who tend to be bigger size. Especially
all the 'ah bengs' of the class.So its quite hard for me to stand up for myself.
And I find myself useless, i can only cry.
To Anon.: It does not mean that only big size bigger have the rights to bully
others and you should not be scare of them at all, dear. When you are scare of them,
they will tend to bully you more. So stand up for your rights, and who cares
about Ah bengs in class ? Just report to the teacher. Don't be scare and
don't cry ok ? Hope everything will go smoothly for you. Do take care.

ahjess: you got alot of dead links :)
To ahjess: Ha! I'm kinda lazy to relink man!

qwerty: hey thanks for helping me pierce my tongue. but the ball
keep dropping out.. ;(
To qwerty: Hey , welcome. Just screw the ball back.

Qinyi: Hello, just started reading your blog since few months ago. Heard that
last time a person name "Qinyi" tagged and scolded you? And it's definitely
not me yeah? So don't misunderstood.Saw you viewing my friendster too.
And mailed you but you didnt reply. So i'm here to tag (:
To Qinyi: Oh, thats a very long ago things. Haha, don't worry, i didn't
say it was you. You mailed me ? About ?

PASSER :D: Hello pretty, your blog song is super nice, Can i know sang by
who and what's the title? Thanks and last longgg! xD
To Passer:D: Which blog song ? Will last long.

:D: how much do you charge tongue w/o th stud and piercing needle?
To :D: 15bucks without stud, but 20 bucks including stud.

♥YING: hello (: i just chanced upon your blog and i found it interesting :]
haha, i'm going to be a reader! lol, btw what's a smiley piercing? o.o
To ying: Haha,thanks my reader. Its a piercing at the upper gum there.
Its not really pain , bearable and abit like ear piercing. If you are interested,
do let me know yeah ?

AIMEI: How much have you earn so far?
To Aimei: Why you want to know?

click click cannon in D: HAHA! i dun wan to click on ur nuffang advert!
dun wan let u earn money worhs. tupid vampire aka xu chun mei
To click: WHATEVER. Once you enter my beautiful blog,
you already became one of my unique visitor and I've got to thank you
for that .

xxx: Cos you like lian so want to know whether got chap.
To xxx: You don't have to know.

XIAORUI(READER): Hellos , do takecares & Jiayous for your O lvl !
I'm so impress you man ! You have the paitent to reply so many tags !! :D
To Xiaorui: Yes, you takecare too alright ? Haha, no matter how busy i am,
i still have to make the effort to reply all tags right , because my readers
out there made the effort to tag me. hahaha!!!

passerby132: yes, you still do look nice when you clip it up. anw, your
friend rly did a good job.
To passerby132: Haha, thanks a million!! Yeah, my darling seriously
did a good job for my hair. I will let her know, and she will be glad.

katty: hi babe :) can pls tell me wat is the song title whihc u put on ur blog
last time ? hmmm . its like a trance kind of music . pls let me knw ya .
i hope u will reply . thanks :)
To Katty: Hey dear, I'm not sure which song is it , because I've put up
many many songs before. So sorry.

Pawena: Hey babe. :) Haven't been tagging you in ages. Hehe.
To Pawena: Hey sweety, remember to tag me often yeah? haha.

Candy: Oh you're so sweet! Anyway, wanna apologise to you,
'cos I can't purchase any hair extensions from you..
To Candy: Which Candy are you ? Haha, I'm sweet in what way ?
Nah, you didn't do anything wrong so dont bother apologizing yeah?

Superwoman ♥: Haha, yeah so muchhh :3 Update your blog more often urh !
:p Btw, if i am putting braces soon, i pierce smiley will how urh ? ;x Haha,
abit scareddddddd infection orwhat affect my braces ;x LOL. {:
To Superwoman: Hey darling, i will try my very best to update my blog often.
I'm preparing for my O levels now dear. Now worries, still can have smiley piercing.
It won't affect your braces , i will get you a small stud instead.

nassiie: Hello , if tongue piercing is slanted. & its swollen, how ah? )) can you
reply me faster? im so sorry, cos my piercing really hurts. )): thankyoupretty, <3!
To nassiie: Oh dear!! You got your piercing from your friends ? How long
you have that tongue piercing ? More than 2 weeks or ? I suggest you just
take it out and wait for it to heal alright ? Welcome,dear.

T: I think if you remove your smiley piercing, you'll look even prettier
when you smile =D
To T : Thanks T , appreciate your advise, well, I will remove it one day(:

baby;D: i love ur blog . and update more often . gd luck for ur Olevel . pretty ;D
To baby;D: Awww, if you love my blog, remember to visit often alright ?
Thanks so much for the wishes , darling .

I love Ong Tai Jun

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Blog shops who are keen to let me advertise on my blog post.
Do email me at isabella240891@gmail.com

Terms and conditions applied.

So what do girls nowadays go for ?

Cute stuffs or pretty stuffs ??

Or both ??

Spell the word C.U.T.E
And what more do you expect ? Of cos this post is all about C.U.T.E.N.E.S.S

How do you portray yourself ?
Are you the proud , elegant girl who never fails to boast ?


Are you the cute, adorable , shy and petite girl which everyone adores ?
(I'm one of them, haha)

And who says only cute girls can wear cute stuffs ?
Even if you are pretty but not cute, you have the right to be in love with
cute tees, dresses, hoodies and many many many many more stuffs.

Wow !!!!
I'm totally in love with C.U.T.E stuffs too.
They are simply irresistible and too cute to be true. haha!!!

Have you been searching high and low for cute and unique clothes ?
But you have totally no idea where to get it from ?
And who says being C.U.T.E is childish ??
Childish is meant for those LOW CLASS spammers who tagged without names.
Don't you guys agree with me ??


What does the link above tells you ?
Oh, when i first saw this link, i was thinking how cute can a blog shop be?
I mean, why do the blog owner name her blog shop as CUTE-TASY.
Any idea ??

The answer is very very simple, i bet even a primary school kid knows it.
Shuting - the blog shop owner said "I want to sell cute stuffs to girls out there"
The clothes that she's selling is cute , unique , attractive and bla bla bla bla.

This is so cuteeeeeeeeeee.
For mickey lovers and of cos non mickey lovers.
I'm a big fan of mickey few years back, but now, i have to say Bye bye to Mickey.
There's more designs , so you guys better click the link to see more of it.

So cute, young and pretty girls out there, its time to do some clicking again.
I promise you guys that you will love her blog shop because i love it too.
I'm so in love with all the cute and adorable tees that she's selling.
So many colours and different varieties of designs , even the price of her items
are reasonable too , you will love it as much as i do.

I was given the choice to either choose maximum 4 cute tees from the
her blog or 2 pairs of couples tees . And guess what did i choose ? hahaha!!!
The answer is pretty obvious yeah ?

I've got only 1 couple tee at home . So pathetic la. hahaha.
But soon, i will have more more more more, with uber cute designs.
Hubby choose both 2 designs .

So people, you will see us on the streets wearing this . hahahahaha!!!!

Its simply lovely for loving couples , just like me and OTJ.
Spell the word L.O.V.E.
This are 1 of the design hubby choose.

2nd design chosen by my dearest lover boy.

Wanna give your special one's a surprise ?
This is your chance to make them happy and jump for joy. hahahaha!!

For those who are in love with Hoodies , don't miss out the chance too.



Thanks to the blog shop owner for sponsoring me those items,
and not to forget, the Geek specs too !!!! hahahaha.



Photo of the day.
Critics and comments welcome.
This picture was based on a natural lighting.


I love Ong Tai Jun

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Critics and Comments welcome
Thanks to Photographer , Daniel


Graduation Day 2008

Oh yes, did i tell you guys that i finally graduated from my secondary school
on Friday, 10 October 2008 ?

The feeling was totally awesome and of cos, not forgetting all those lovely
teachers who taught me for all these years. Special thanks.

Looking back, i should have graduated last year ,2007 instead of this year,2008
But I wasted one whole year because i retained once when i was in Sec 3.
My bad, because i didn't study at all, all i know was to play.
But i was so lucky because i still remained in the Express stream.

Spent 5 years in my school, and finally - GRADUATED.
The feeling is totally high .
Sadly,there's no Prom Night, not even once before in my school.But who cares?
I've graduated and now its time for me to concentrate on my O level.

I've got a feeling that I won't do that well for my O level.
I'm very worried and afraid that i can't meet to my expectation- 15points.
I'm trying very hard - ( Oh , i always said I tried very hard, but actually, i did not.)
Deep down in my heart, i jolly well know how much effort i put in.
At the end of the day, nobody is to be blame. Blame myself instead.

I've been thinking hard nowadays, thinking about where i really wanna go.
I only want to take up Event Management course, so if I really can't
enter that course, i think i will study private at MDIS .
Although MDIS does not have the course that i want , but maybe
i go for Tourism and Hospitality first, and after 8 months of hard work,
get diploma then go for advance diploma for Event Management course.

Oh ya, any of my readers here who are currently studying Event Management
course ? I wanna know more about it . Do tag or email to

Cheers to our future.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Critics and comments welcome
Thanks to Photographer Eow


Chemistry paper on Monday,
I'm seriously very stress, my Art paper will be next week ?
And I've not even done anything yet ?

Topics for ART :
1 : Embellish
2 : Windows
3 : Cavities
4 : Joint
5 : Valves
6 : Directional Light

Can any kind soul out there help to think of ideas ?
I'm going crazy soon , very very soon.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Saturday, October 18, 2008