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Anything wrong with my big name?
I'm a peranakan child,
malay is my 3rd lauguage.

If you think you know me well,
read my blog & think several times.
I'm turning 18 on 24 August.

I'm not so much of a girl who looks at
the dollar sign, but more for a guy
with a good heart.
No one can judge my life.

Everthing has a limit to it,
If you step onto my tail,
i will give you hell & i mean it.

I'm attached to OTJ

Last but not least,
I'm not the bitch that you want to mess with.


I'm attached to OTJ
I'm going to marry him in the future
I love no one,except him
He belongs to me
If you dare,you snatch him
& i will take the parang & chase you around.
you think I'm joking ?
Try it then
Blissfully engaged on 01-05-06


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Get into a Dance Company
Navel Piercings
Repierce Tongue
Smiley piercing
Septum piercing
Eyebrow piercing
Gucci Lanyard
Gain 10kg more
BEBE jacket
Chanel Foundation
Car license next year
New engagement ring with hubby
Get married to OTJ
Pass my O's & get into polytechnic
Event management courses / diploma
Waiting for the time to
tattoo my whole back


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Monday, September 29, 2008

Did not went to school for 3 days last week and I'm certainly
not proud of myself. I don't understand why some girls tend to feel
so proud of themselves when they did not attend school. I mean its not
even a "cool" or "big" thing for not attending school or classes.
It's kinda obvious that its not a damn bloody good thing for skipping school.

And the reason for me skipping school was , my prelims was over.
So i stayed at home for a few days to study instead of going to school and sleep.
Haha, i tend to get even more bored in school and my class air-con is too cold,
so i really felt like sleeping although i tried to be attentive in class at times.
I just want to encourage youngsters not to skip school because it does not
benefit you at all. Be good girls and boys , go to school (:

Yeah ! Hubby booked out on Saturday noon.
I was so happy because i can hug and kiss him again.
Its my darling birthday.
Met Lyn , then trained over to Orchard to meet Wei Sheng Bro.
Then Lyn went over to look for darling first because Bro wanna get some present
for darling . After getting some of my stuffs , then we went back to Far East
to meet Darling and company. Chris was there too .

Walked around , then Bro and I went over to Lavender ( Golden mile )
Played Jackpot , i don't even know a single fuck about jackpot.
I was at there staring at the cute images going up and down. Hilarious though.

After that, cabbed all the way from Lavender to Hubby's house.
I was so pissed off with the taxi driver till i banged his car door so hard.
I even wished that his door would break !!

Then stayed at hubby house.

The next morning(sunday), woke up at 5 am, dad fetched me to Dhoby
Ghaut station. 2 Photographers reached earlier than me and we waited for the rest.
Got into the organizer car , then a photographer drove all the other photographers
to the Old School. If I'm not wrong, its an art school with studios and stuffs.
The weather was super hot and my partner Lili went to take her photo shoot first.

First theme for the day was fashion wear , the second theme was Japanese
school uniform costume with shoe and high long socks .
So do i looked like a cute and bubbly Japanese student in those pictures? haha
The whole shoot lasted about 2 hours , then we went over to Plaza Singapura
for Lunch. Lili and I wore our Japanese costume there and immediately
went to the nearest toilet to change. hahaha !!!

It was a great shoot although we were super tired.
The whole shoot lasted about 2 hours , then we went over to Plaza Singapura
for our Lunch. Lili and I wore our Japanese costume all the way to PS,
but we went to the nearest toilet after we got down the car.
It was totally embarrassing, others might be thinking how come
those 2 girls are wearing those uniforms. haha

Before that, we even physco the photographers not to post our photo shoot
pictures on the forum, haha !!!! And they said ok !!!! haha,
mission accomplished.

Then , met Ming Kai outside 7 eleven, then we trained over to Bugis.
I went to meet my beloved hubby at Golden landmark.
Slacked there till 6 pm, then Hubby's mom drove me home.
Hubby booked in already, gonna miss him again !!!

Behind the scenes pictures taken by yours truly.
That's my partner for the day, a cute girl !

I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Critics and comments welcome.
I don't really like this picture,
don't know why either.


Reply to some tags.

♥ Superwoman: hie, thanks for replying haha. Previous tag using the
name of th-superhero. (: Haha, i don't know hwo say also , as in the meat
there will be pulled up kind, laughs* Skinny is better than fat ):
I awnt to pierce naval but i am afraid i will look ugly as i am fat urh ._. ,
how i wish i got your slim bodyyyy~ ))):
To superwoman: Hey, you are welcome. Pull up kind?
Don't lose confidence dear. you will be slim soon,cheerup, I'm here.
Not only skinny people can pierce naval, everyone can. If you
want to pierce naval, let me know yeah? I will try my best (: +
I'm too skinny, not slim and not good, dear.

ohmy!: you look great. :D treasure youth time when you're looking great!
Cheers, have a wonderful day ahead.
To ohmy!: Thanks dear. Have a good day ahead too,
hope everything goes smoothly for you yeah? Cheers too!!

♥ Passerby: You really look etter with fringe clip up when you let down
your hair. But you'll look damn pretty too when you tied up your
hair and let your fringe down! (:
To Passerby: Thanks dear. you saw me when i tied my hair before?
Hahaha !!!! I love both ways.

theron heng: hey wtf why your eye lashes so long want? Is it natural? notttttttttttttttttttt!september 15 omg are you anorexic or
To theron heng: So you are trying to say i can't have long eyelashes?
Of cos i'm using fake eyelashes. Seriously, i despise people who said
I'm suffering from anorexic or bulimia when obviously I'm not.
You are simply rude and you don't even care how others feel.
Thanks for that question.

Cl0ver: hey babe! do u know of any shampoo and soap which leaves yr hair
smooth and tangle-free, and body smooth?
To clover: Hey babe, i really have no idea. Haha, but I'm using
Pantene currently. haha, will check it out for you.

riell: omg..!!isabella i realli pity those attracting attention byte
spammin pp de ren deir hab nth tu do de..and non ob deir business lo..
To riell: Don't have them. Wow, few days didn't saw you
tagging my blog . hahaha!!

x/3Lihui: You're a really nice girl,For not asking in return to help someone.
You seem like someone who gone throught alot of stuff,Really makes me curious
about your life story.When you grow old,Make a biography show about yourself.
I would definitely watch
To x/3lihui: Thanks so much babe. Yes, i've gone through many many
things in life. Biography? I didn't thought of doing it. hahahaha!!!
I'm wondering when i really grow old, will i still have readers around? ha!

• Sinyi: Isabella is so gorgeous !
To • Sinyi: Thanks.

Paulette: Hi, do you know where to get neck bras?
To paulette: Online.

A: Since the spammers have so much time to spam, let them spam!
It'd add on to your income! ily dear (: take care and all the best for you Os!
To A: Hahaha!!!! Love you too! Thanks for the wishes. cheers.

Amanda: Hello(: Thanks for linking yeah,& giving me the permission to link
you:D Pretty babe,takecare and last long with your bf(:
To Amanda: No problem. Will last long, takecare too.

iamsu-pergirl: Hello!Interested in your smiley piercing,how much is it(:
To iamsu-pergirl: 25bucks including stud.

jerry: yeah noticed the spots on your front teeth too. what are they?
To jerry: My smiley piercings. interested in getting one?

bebe: hey babe, where you'd get your black quarters from?
To bebe: Black quarters? I don't have at all.

xuann: wow cannot fake gucci meh?then carry wad?your mother brand ar?
she carry fake one better than u guys la,don even have e $$ to afford fake one
To xuann: My mum just opened a branded shop, haha!! relax,
think you more angry than me. hahaha!!

nobody: hey , it is pretty obvious that you got a fake gucci when you dont even
dare to show others e spammers tag & you dont dare to reply .
i mean is like no harm letting ppl know right . if u lie & ppl found out ,
more xia shuay isnt it ? lol .
To nobody: Did you saw it with your 2 eyes that i carried a fake gucci?
I bet NO ! yes, you never saw it and you accused me of doing so.
I NEVER REPLY TO THE SPAMMER? you blind, take a look at
older messages!I'm not using any gucci bag at all. I'M USING
GUESS BAG, whats the problem with you? when did i fcuking LIE ?

lol: hahaass katthy issh veryy funnie typiinqq like thish 0ne hors.
I have to agree with e gucci white cloth bag,true.
To lol: Yup, katie is just a small peanut who types in a fucking twit way.
Yucckkkss !!!! haha. Agree with the white cloth? you mean? lol

niesta: hey how come you have 2 funny spots on your front teeth?
anyway, i love your dressing
To niesta: Its my smiley piercing. Thanks

passer: if go clubbing,just like this go in can alr arhs? or?i wanna go clubbing but
i dont know what are the procedures to do before entering the place.teach me pls:]
To passer: The bouncer that will definitely ask for your IC. If you
are above 18, of cos you can go in after you produce your IC.
Not much procedures, just need to produce IC.

one more: critics: u say critics are welcome but why evrytime ppl critisize u
den u say dey spammin u? weird..you know what he said does make sense,
you get upset sometimes when ppl critic you.
To one more:Yes, i say critics are welcome,but its only for my
photoshoots pictures. Don't you realise that everytime i upload my
photoshoot, then i will say critics and comment welcome.

reader: eh.. those spammers veri funny leh. dis is isabella's blog,
if ue re nt happi den dun read lor..
To reader: Haha!! Exactly man, don't know why read my blog
everyday,when they hate me. Is my blog that interesting ? haha!!

georgina: relax babe ~ ignore those ppl la . nice eyes you've got
To georgina: Thanks thanks !!! Yes, ignored!

ZERO: where do you get those lower eyelashes?i had been finding it for sometime.
it would be better if you can tell me the shop name.thanks!
To zero: I got mine at Far east, not sure about the shop name
though.Will look out for you if i'm going there again (:

PASSERBY: erm, which modeling company are you from?
To passerby: I'm not contracted. Doing freelance.

-: are you using lower lashes? nice!!
To -: Yes, i am dear. I find it nice too.

Passer by.: HEY!you hear indonesian songs too?I think you will like,my heart,
hapus aku,menjagi hati,takdir cinta,kekasih gelapku,ayat ayat cinta and more!hahas.
To passerby.: Yes dear. I'm a big fan of malay songs. Yes, i heard all
those songs before. But some i don't really like. Haha, i love some
of them due to the nice melody. anyway, are you a malay? cheers!

A: whats your fking problem kathy & felicia. why do you even believe she carries
an imitation? do you know how much a day she earns by this blog? use your brain.
even so, there's nothing wrong carrying imitation what. so what if she carries?
is it going to be the end of the world? hum.
To A: Hey dear, I've replied your tags the other day right? haha

Adel: hey! the floral brown silkly dress, how much 're you selling ?
To Adel: Sorry,dear. Its reserved. Thanks for your interest.

Shixian: hello pretty, may i know where did you brough
your lower fake eye lashes? Thanks
To Shuxian: Bought it at Far East,welcome dear.

via: hi there
To via: Hi darling !!

huilin: lol they think by putting other people down, they'll seem superior
To huilin: Haha! so we should not bother about this type of people.
Sometimes i really wonder why they exist in this fucking world.ha!

: Hey girl. you really looks pretty yeah ! (: your hair is chio & you got a nice
dressing sense! hope can be as chio as you uh! :D Stay prettaye yeah!!
You seriously is gorgeous girl. ((:
To ♥: Thanks sweets, and i have to disagree with you man! haha
My hair is ugly , too dry, don't have the time to go for my treatment yet.
haha!! anyway, thanks so much for the compliment. cheers !

F I O N A :D: Hello. you put fake eyelash uh ? :) very very gorgeous! ;) and
it seems so real :) Ignore that felicia -.- so hum ji -.- don't dare put email
or whatever shyt uh ;) i'm your so called daily reader :)
To FIONA: Yes,dear.Both upper and lower lashes are fake.Thanks
dear,for the compliment.Yes, i should ignore her! love my readers(:

Hey Isabella: I'm your everyday blog reader and when sometimes i read
the tags at your tagboard,i just feel that people are jealous of you.For example,
you really look good in those clothes.because I'm ur blog reader,and i read your
blog and view your pics every single day once you updated.& i really love
ur dressing. Just an advise,don't care what others said.They are simply jealous.
all the best to you.
To hey isabella: Thanks so much sweety!Yes,i myself agree that
they arejealous,because when you are jealous of someone, you will try
all ways and means to put that particular person down.But rest
assured, dear, I'm not affected, don't worry. All the best to you too.

doraz: hey.. when will ur contact lens preorder close?
To doraz: Not so soon dear. if you want, still can buy(:

florence: hey, how do you stick lower eyelashes? ;p
To florence: Its like upper lashes just abit more tough.
I'm not sure how to tell you, when you buy lower lashes,
ask those
sales girls there, maybe they can help .

ruby: ohmyyyyyyyyyy .i love your eyes ! can tell me where did you
get that contact lense ?! thanks you yaw !

To ruby: If you want, you can order from me at only 18bucks.
Won't reveal the colour but will order for you same like mine

if you want. Thanks anyway, i love my eyes too (:

To yanting: Hello dear !!!!!

hannah: it was nice of you to donate and help people but bragging
it on your blog for the whole world to see isnt very humble.
To hannah: I'm not bragging, seriously, i just feel proud of myself,
at least i do something good and i blog about it. So what's the
problem with you?Its my blog , not yours, please get the facts right.

♥ Passerby: You're prettttty! ;D
To passerby: Thanks dear.

wawa: may i nod where did euus buy Yakuza top for ur hubby ?
and hw much does it cost ?

To wawa: Bugis, Authentic one's -100plus bucks.

hi: do you noe or haf overseas suppliers that are selling cheap apparels?.
To hi: Sorry, i don't know. (:

sandra: hey babe love yr eye make up when u put both lower n upper fake
lashes.mind show us how u did it?(:

To sandra: Hey dear. I would love to show you guys, but i really
don't have the time to do it, perhaps next time? Actually its the
same like the upper lashes, just stick it !! haha, thanks anyway (:

PBPB: everyone can pierce smiley arhs? no matter small or big gum?
To PBPB: Yes dear. Gum doesn't matter, so no worries.

j: hey, youre pretty, especially whn you smile with your teeth!
To j: Haha, thanks darling !!

123456: hey your lower eye lashes also fake one or you used mascara?
To 123456: Yes, fake lower eyelashes plus mascara !!!! nice?

Liyana: hey isabella...i need to ask u if lets say i want a lip piercing...
how much will it cost...ur PRETTY LAR U!!! XD

To Liyana: You are from my class the liyana isit ? haha!!!!
ask me in class la!!! you ah !!!

jennifer: babe now i neo why i introduce so many events but u cant turn up le
:) After exams than do more events with me k :)
To jennifer: Haha, replied to you.

Mayleng: I would like to buy hair extensions ! :D
& girl, whr you bought th red top and how much is it? :D
To Mayleng: Support, support. The link had been posted up on
my blog. Which red top? you mean the one that I'm wearing
on my recent post? what date was that ?

- to ppaswer: err you can try eyeliner + fake lashes + big eye contacts! works
fine for my friends haha. isabella has naturally big eyes already!
To - to ppaswer: Haha, i don't have big eyes lah !! hahaha!!Your
method is true,many did this to achieve big eyes including me.

Xinyi: Yea.The remover is good (: There sell alot of daily necessities too.
Mascaras too! at cheap prices.If you can hunt them out (:
To Xinyi: Haha, yeah !!!! Cheap and effective goods.

pass(:: HAhahs. you seemed to have money that cannot spend finish.
Do you ever feel poor before ? Hahas. tc babe/
To pass (:: I spend my money like water, like as if they drop from
the sky,haha, and yes, there are many times that i feel very very
poor and the feeling just sucks to the core. Haha, takecare too dear.

passerby17: hi.spammers jus have nth to do.anyway,you have great fashion sense:)
To passerby17: Thanks darling.

ps: did you apply eyeshadow? where you brought it?
To ps: Yes,i got many kinds of eyeshadow,dear and i love M.A.C

tingting=]: has not been free this few days to update ur blog??exams round
the corner le!!mus jyjyjy!!mus work hard and do well=]
hope to hear from u soon=)jiayous!!
To tingting=]: Yes dear. not really that free. thanks for the wishes, i
will work very hard. Oh, there's another reply to your tag below(:

ruoyu: saw u at bugis street on monday. haha. pretty. (:
To rouyu: Should say hi to me man!! haha, thanks anyway.

ppaswer: erm this there any makeup that can make eye slightly look bigger?
To ppaswer: Put eyeliner, and contact lens that enlarge the pupil?
The contact lens that I'm selling are all able to make your eyes
look bigger and brighter and it cost only 18bucks !!! hurry (:

passerby: ya i know can book out , thanks {:
To passerby: Welcome (:

Passerby: Hello , is earbone piercing painful ? I'm kinda afraid to go for it
:/ you are so pretty yeahs , take care :]
To passerby: Not really dear, it also depends on individual.
Just slightly more painful than ear or nose piercing.

Thanks for the compliment, takecare too yeah?

ABCDEFG: may i know how much you charge for smiley piercing? i cant
contact you at msn,i don't have one.mind telling me here? thanks,stay preety.
To abcdefg: 25bucks including stud(:

felicia: hey u going for jojo party tml ? :)
To felicia: Not going(:

To tiffany(:: Ok dear. thanks so much!

mrs.LYNN.s:I love all of your photos!X)and you are pretty tooX)take cares!!
To mrs.LYNN.s: Thanks dear. takecare too (:

(: ur latest pic's gorgeous! u've got lovely features =)
To (: Thanks darling.

Passserby.: Sell the extensions (:
readerY:how much will you be selling clip on extentions?cause i'm interested in it
To the above: Hey, its at www.isabella-niceextensions.blogspot.com/
Do support, my dear. thanks.

Constance: Yeah, fashion design. Stacked. (:
To Constance: Wow, fashion design? Bet it's damn tough,
dear.Wanted to get fashion design courses in poly last time,but
I had change my mind a few months back. haha!! good luck.

riel: if u will be selli hairclip extandtion i em interested
as outside sell too ex le.
To riel: Yes dear, I'm selling, do support (: thanks

Barbiedo: Hello :) haha.ya I ur blog reader!HAHA.stay pretty always :)
To barbiedo: Haha, stay pretty too and hope your child
is getting chubbier and healthier each day (: cheers.

yanTING: Does is feel scare to be in a place that is in your picture?
To yanting: Yes,at first it was my dear. But after some time, got kinda
used it and i can even jump around the place like nobody
business.Haha !!! Its ok in the morning, but its terrible at night.

eunice: hey.. can send me the s0ng ? damn nice la !
To eunice: Sorry dear, I don't download songs at all,
i got it all from www.imeem.com.

jo: i think you look sexy when you dont smile .
how come you have stuff on your 2 front teeth? like funny spots
To jo: Haha,thanks dear.Oh,it's my smiley piercing,not spots.

yihui: i tink so luhhrs!=x anw.i interesterd in clip on extentions! hahas.
bt i findin darn cheap ones=x haha,i mean i tink u'r s3xy in tht dressin luhhrs!
To Yihui: Haha, www.isabella-hairextensions.blogspot.com/Support
ok !! Ya, but i don' think i looked sexy in that dress at all. haha!

pedestrian: well, my classmate have stopped the slapping but whenever he
walk pass me, he will start to call me names. It's really upsetting. Anyway,
goodlucks for your O's. I am seating for mine this year too!:)
To pedestrian: Its good to hear that your clssmate had stopped what
he was doing.Remember to voice out if someone bullys you.Just don't
be afraid dear,because the more afraid you are,the more he will bully
you.Thanks for the wishes,good luck and concentrate on your O's !

xoxoxo: ii thot eu would b angry, by sayin eu mature =x. & yup
lookin mature reli can do lot of things(:
To xoxoxo: Haha, i won't la darling. Don't think too much man (:
Yes, can really do alot of things, buy cigarettes without
checking IC too. haha, and many many more.

beeef: hey sweetie, thanks for the reply to my tag, the song which has the lyrics
"sweeter than apple pie" or something like that? not very sure.
To beeef: You are welcome, my dear. Oh, the song is " what you got ".
Super nice melody, quite an old song already. YES YES YES,
I wanna put on at least 10 kg of fats. Help me man !!!!!!!!

x: the photo in the latest post was really artistic. taken by
professional photographer? where's the place ?
To x: I'm not in the position to say whether the photographer is
a professional one but i admire most of his works,thus find it artistic
too.Oh,its taken at the Old Changi Hospital.Its haunted! haha

Cassie: Haha yeah, @ Tampines Mall outside the girls toilet on first floor
helping a girl to pierce her tongue. Its quite a time alr anw hahah &
you're very friendly when you talk to her ^^
To Cassie: Oh man, should at least say Hi to me and let me know
that you are my blog reader and perhaps i might give you a kiss on
the spot?Haha ! I'm very friendly to people who respect me , dear.

wawa: can u recommed wad kind of hair style shld those ppl who
habin round, oval shape kind of faces ?
To wawa: So sorry dear, i don't really know stuffs about hair. haha.
If you are having round face, how can you have an oval face ? haha.
Maybe for round face, don't cut bangs, will make your face look more
rounder. If oval face, don't try center parting as it will make your
face look longer. Hope this helps , dear?

tingting=]: haha!i am 39kg.weight stops there,it doesn't drop!neither does it
increase!!haha!!wad bout u?? i saw in ur replied tags le!!u are 33kg!!omg!!
really skinny lahs!!i tink u quite tall lors.round 165??
To tingting=]: Haha, I'm 33 kg and weight range from 33-35 kg.
How i wish it increase, so that i won't be so stress up about my weight.
And I'm not 165 cm la, haha, do i really look like ? If yes, I'm very happy
because i was hoping to be at least 165cm too, but I'm shorter than that.
haha. Don't tell others ok ?? hahahaha!!!

I love Ong Tai Jun

Saturday, September 27, 2008