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Hate me? You can jolly well fuck off.

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dont copy anything from my blog.

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Anything wrong with my big name?
I'm a peranakan child,
malay is my 3rd lauguage.

If you think you know me well,
read my blog & think several times.
I'm turning 18 on 24 August.

I'm not so much of a girl who looks at
the dollar sign, but more for a guy
with a good heart.
No one can judge my life.

Everthing has a limit to it,
If you step onto my tail,
i will give you hell & i mean it.

I'm attached to OTJ

Last but not least,
I'm not the bitch that you want to mess with.


I'm attached to OTJ
I'm going to marry him in the future
I love no one,except him
He belongs to me
If you dare,you snatch him
& i will take the parang & chase you around.
you think I'm joking ?
Try it then
Blissfully engaged on 01-05-06


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Gucci Lanyard
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BEBE jacket
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Car license next year
New engagement ring with hubby
Get married to OTJ
Pass my O's & get into polytechnic
Event management courses / diploma
Waiting for the time to
tattoo my whole back


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Tuesday, July 29, 2008




This is gonna be a long post and you will get to see my face all the time.

For those who dislike me that much, please fuck off NOW


Went down 418 on Friday Noon.
Slacked with the usual people and spent my time there doing nothing.
Kaven Sis was sad , so the only thing i could do was just to comfort her .
Seriously, Amanda and I hope you can change for the better, you know it best yourself.
Don't let people around you feel disappointed and i hope whatever you said to Kim, is from the bottom of your heart . I know you will change, and Action Speaks Louder than Words.

Was shocked to see Leslie Bro at 418, well , he came down just to settle some small things.
Damien came along too , slacked with him whereas the rest was playing games .
And i was even shocked when hubby called me like 4 plus pm ?!?!
Because normally he's only allowed to use the phone at night for a limited time .
He called me for at least 4 times , and i guessed he already booked out from his army camp.

But he said :" I'm still in camp, call you later, got to fall in "
I was smiling to myself and i told Amanda Sis on the phone that I've got a feeling that Darling
had already booked out , but i think he don't want to tell me because he wanted to surprise me.
I was like so high , even Kaven Sis said " Good for you "
I called one of my friend, as he's also in the same camp as Hubby .
And he said all recruits had already booked out just now .

I'm fucking happy and touched after i saw Hubby walking to my direction .
He even told Zijing to lie to me that he's in camp as he was trying to give me a surprise.
This time, i received the 5th call from Hubby , he told me that he's using the public phone from his camp because that time Hubby and I had a small quarrel and he broke his phone into two.
So all this while, his poor friend had to borrow him the phone at night, so that he can talk to me.
And when he was talking to me during the 5th call, he was actually in Zijing's car.
My hubby so sweet right ?!?! Omg !!!!

We hugged each other like crazy man and he's finally BOTAK now .
Haha , Zijing and I kept on touching his head , damn cute you know !!!!!!
So we went to drink at Night together with Amanda and Kaven .
Aftermath, Zi Jing drove me home . Thanks Bro.

Saturday, i went out without even putting on any eye shadow or eye liner,
all because of Hubby !!!He's rushing me because i was supposed to reach his house by morning.
But i was still at home at the point of time, so i cabbed over to his house and reached
around 11 plus pm . Stayed at his house till evening time .
And he wore the ZARA top that i brought for him a few weeks back .

Then, my future mother - in - law drove us to the hospital to visit hubby's father .
Glad he was fine , we bought dinner from home for him to eat.
Who will prefer hospital food ?! You rather eat from home right ?!
So hubby and I ate the hospital food, damn power la !!! Porridge,vegetable and meat balls.
And the funniest thing was the papaya looked like salmon !!!!
I was like : " Wa, so good ah ? Still got salmon ?! " Haha haha. But i was wrong.
And hubby gave me a stalk of rose, but i plucked it out and paste it on my photo album.
Good idea right ?!?! All memories must be well kept , you know ?!

Then at night , his mum drove us to Geylang as i was craving for Frog Porridge.
Hubby was protecting me everywhere i go , even to the toilet.
You know la, Geylang is a red light district , scarly i kana molest , how ?!?! Hahahaha.
I saw so many illegal prostitutes , i even put on my Cardigan because my dressing
was kinda revealing.

On Sunday , went to Singapore Zoo around noon time .
I've not been to the Zoo for like a couple of years already , but still, i find it real boring there.
We sat on the elephant and took tram rides for like more than 1 hour ?!?!
Dine in at KFC and took some pictures of the animals and surroundings .

At night, we had Crocodile Herbal Soup , Chili crocodile meat , Kang Kong and stingray.
The stingray there was fucking unedible . I'm a stingray lover, so one look,
i will know whether is it nice to eat or not and true enough , no standard at all .
Totally regretted buying from that stall .
Hubby booked in already, miss him damn alot.
He called me thrice, omg, I'm getting crazy over him.

Yesterday (Monday) , went out with my Hardcore bitch again.
We went to watch PROM NIGHT at Bedok Princess.
It was a very nice and violent movie and I'm gonna rate it 9 / 10.
After that , we went for a drinking session and cabbed to our home sweet home.
Anyway, my Hardcore darling, don't be sad alright ?!?! Move on with your life.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hey my fellow readers,
I'm really very tired now , my eyes can't even open.

So, i shall update tommorrow.
I miss my Ong Tai Jun .
He said he will love me forever.

Getting married soon.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reply to only some recent tags.

Will update again either tonight or tommorrow.

I wanna talk to my hubby now,
bye guys.

Passerby: =D Hello I see many pple asking about piercing stuff .
How much you charge for tongue piercing ? =D. hahas
To Passerby: Definitely cheaper than outside rates. But all prices wont be reveal here, anything please email me at isabella240891@gmail.com or leave down your msn. Thanks.

STARR~: Urm, I think he's only in your POA class. Jordan? Oh well, please don't ask him or anything. Make me kinda emo if I say about it. Oh well. Anyways Olvls are coming, work hard yeah~ Although you older than me, JIAYOUS too. well, I love your blog. Geeh I kept thinking you look like Cyndi Wang =xx OH WELL, please don't mention anything to him, alrightey? Trust yea. Well your BF will be back derhh~
To STARR~ : Jordan from sec 5 ?! There's no Jordan in my POA class. Yes, i will worl hard, thanks for the wishes and all the best to you too . A few said i looked like Cyndi wang too, but I dont think so leh !! Haha , my BF is back already . haha !!
Babylov-ee ♥: hellos , you're pretty , and sweet and you have a really nice blog.
To babylov-ee ♥: Thank for the compliment , dear.

ANON!: The contact lenses arrived alrdy. ?

To ANON! : Haven't. Are you one of the buyer ? If yes, put down your name !

Yilingg: Hey, I think the advertisement board got something wrong yahs or maybe my comp;x Hahs. Could you help me check there's one tag that say
charell top only at $8.50 de link?

To Yilingg: Can't be check.
-: Hey isabella! The seesha place only people who're above 18 can enter?

To -: Any age , but if you like you are below 18, they might not let you smoke.

laine: lol. your bf at which company? maybe they are friends now.

To laine: Bravo .

janice: lol, i`ll laugh too. you look fierce nah . dont b offended pls. tcares pretty..
To janice: But I'm so friendly, don't you agree ?! Haha.

Sandy(:: hi there, ive been reading your blog for quite some time. i like it! and youre pretty! i wish i could be as pretty as you. you would look btr if you didnt smoke thou! btw, may ii know how long does the straightening last for from
Allure Forever? thanks! do takecare

To Sandy(:: Thanks for reading my blog, dear. I'm not really that pretty like what you said,so please don't envy . Yes, I'm trying to quit smoking very soon . Anyway, its just a temporary straightening , only 8 bucks ?! But they got sell the straightener too, damn good but expensive.

252525th: Hey , When are you opening yur hoodies preoders again ?
To 252525th: Not sure, might not be opening already, very troublesome.
:))): extension clipons can be found at fareast plaza which level, which shop?Pretty girl indeed

To :))): If I'm not wrong, its at the 2nd level . Thanks for the compliment.
halo: where is the place where u can let fish eat ue foot dead skin away?
how much is it?

To halo: It's stated clearly on my blog, please read carefully !!

Passer;D: hellos pretty , you know where can i buy naval stud , ? or you sell any?(:

To passer;D : I don't sell but i only pierce for people.
[:: hey dear, don't smoke too much alright, its not good for your body. {:

To [:: Yes, sweet. Thanks for the concern.

Passerby: stay chio alrights girl ^_^ remember to eat more ((:

To Passerby: Yes, I will . Thanks dear.

Passerby: Hey ! You have a nice voice, seriously uh

To Passerby: Thanks dear.
myname: hellos pretty ! u look friendly ,dont care those idiot comment about u okays ? i wan to know , how long does septum piercing to season ? Thanks !!

To myname: Of cos I'm friendly. Might be a few weeks , won't be that fast, dear.

♥/-April ; lil' Fcuker (:: How come th fish spa so little fish de? i want to jurong de got alot fish. croud around your legs,

To ♥/-April ; lil' Fcuker (:: My leg no dead skin , thats why very little fish. If there's too many fishes, you think people will dare to put down their leg ?!?!

passerby: so little fish can get the effect meh? i wanna know! thank!
To passerby: You can feel the itchy-ness even if there's very little fishes, so why there won't be any effect ?
veene[passerby]: heys! i saw ur replies to other ppl. if i sae i'm ur reader will i hv discounts to th fish spa too? HAHA. wht's th name of th shop cored btw? & uhrm
th sheesha place?
can i hv th exact address? tc~uhrm sorry abt th fish spa..
i nvr read th bottom post of ur blog
i tag luhhr. it sounds excitin! will pain nt? =x
To veene[passerby]: You will feel kind of scare for the first time. Its not pain, you can just feel the fishes nibbling your dead skin. Haha. I don't know the exact address.
But i can bring you there if I'm going again.

passerby.: i pierce quite long ler. not itchy no nothin.. shud b season ler ba o.o more then 2 month ler

To passerby.: Then go back to the place where you pierce to ask.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

This song is dedicated to my beloved boy ; Ong Tai Jun.
One of his and mine favorite song.

Hubby is very worried for me, he knew I will create trouble outside.
Oh baby, i started to miss you real badly, i wanna see you soon honey !!
Life without you is so so so meaningless .

I love Ong Tai Jun

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reply to SOME tags.

Those who are interested in NAVAL/TONGUE/LIP/SMILEY piercings,
please email to isabella240891@gmail.com for more details.

"Its 1 more month to my birthday !!"

Passerby :]
: urm... i ask u arh,u know where to buy extension hair clips?
Thanks pretty.

To Passerby :] : You can find it at online shop or Far East Plaza.

paserby : whr er moke sheesha at?? mind to tell me?? tqtq

To paserby : Its around Haji lane. Maybe when i'm going again, shall bring you there then.

Taggie : Ignore them kayys. Btw, the fish spa is around which are of bugis huh?
Anw, take care. I tagged again

To Taggie : Its at first floor , at the last lane, you can give them a call, they might bring you in.
Remember to say that you are my blog reader and it will 10 bucks yeah (:

janice : lol , don`t wry nahs , can pass de ! anw , if see you outside ard ,
say hello to you , wht will b ur reaction?! will you say hello back?
U look dao nehs. dont b offended ! cheers.

To janice : Hope to pass too !! Haha, maybe i will laugh and say hello. Where got dao ?! lol.

[:: hey do you know where sells clip on hair extensions?

To [:: Far East and online shops.

pb: preorder for hoodie when are you still doing it ? i want buy .
And where you bought that blue kimono dress ?

girl : whr you bought that blue dress on july14 ?

To both above : Brought it last year at Tampines Mall, its not selling anymore.

passerby: how much is naval piercing?

♥PILLOW: Uhs, Pierce Smiley How Much ? :]

joanne: hello pretty, u do piercing for ppl? ^-^

To passerby: Leave down your msn.

PS*: How come is it tht there's no links for th advertisments on your page?

To PS*: You mean on the left column of my blog ? No time to link la!

JANE: Lols. i cant hear wad u singing . th words like so blur . LOL.

To JANE: Think your speaker got problem .

pass walking: hello, whr you get people to take photoshot for you. How much ?

To pass walking : I didn't pay them , photographers paid me.
Either friends intro or photographers approach me.

passerby.: hey. ask u ya. i neva get piercin frm u,but i wanna ask u,
since u do piercins.i got my piercin for very long lerh,but stil swollen abit. how... err..how come m ysmiley piercin stil swollen arh...i neva pierce frm u:)
juz askin since u doin piercin.reply asap thx!!!

To passerby.: It really depends. Maybe haven't season yet ?!
Or might be infection, do you feel itchy ?! Usually piercings will swell for few weeks.

AIMEI: Lady, whn 's ur hoodies preorder cming agn? I want buy lehs.

To AIMEI : I'm not sure whether i want take sell hoodies again. Kinda troublesome .

♥passerrr : D: you sing uberrly nicee lurrhs!

Aisaaa : Wah your voice so nice leh , hear liao so comfortable , ( i heard it from the vid ) ((:

Mehbe : Hey, your voice is nice! I couldnt imagine that your voice was that nice.
Cause' you dont look like somebody who can speaks sweet chinese. No offence!

:D : You sing well. Rocks on ^^

reader : hello..yor singing not bad ar.. [:

ruoyu : hey u sing quite nice de. like 2 read ur blog alot! stay pretty!

Passerby: Hey isabella you are so cute la. hahhahaha. you sing not bad too
& i'm your loyal blog reader! :D

Dropby ^^: Your voice is really sweet! Haha.

PASSSERBY:D: oh my gay! your voice. its so ****ing niceeee. you've got a sweet voice babe

To all above : Thanks so much dear. But i just felt that my voice is average.

girl : whr you bought that blue dress on july14 ?

To girl : It's not a dress, just a top. Brought it last year at Tampines. Its not selling anymore.

YVONNE: HELLO! what is the title of the song you are singing? LOL

pbbb: um, may i know whats the song you're singing? Anw, nice voice

To both above : "Lian Ren Wei Man" Its a very nice and old song.

ahjess : poisonwawa tagged [:

To ahjess : Thanks.

Passer-by : You're pretty ! ;D *

To Passer-by : Thanks for the compliment.

hehehe : being skinny is better than being fat

To hehehe : Agreed dear. But I'm way too skinny )))):

laine : my bf oso went in NS on the 11th july. hes in lim chu kang camp.
what abt ur bf?

To laine : Same , same !!

qiqi : lol, who says her vocal and voice very nice leh.. OMG. acting cute only and u cant even pronounce those words clearly... still say her singing nice ???
go kill urself

To qiqi : You are that 1% who thinks that is not nice. Oh well, i accept it because i didn't say my singing was nice either . But can you just admit that you are jealous of me from the start ?!
Do you think i need to act cute ? Come on, i'm already that cute !!


To PASSERBY : In the bloody first place, which part of my blog did i state that my singing rocks?
Self proclaimed indeed . Such a fucking low class bitch with a fucking unknown name.

Eunice &YinHui : hello, me and my friend would like to get a tongue and smiley piercing. Can I have your msn please so that we could find ourt the details more there?

To Eunice &YinHui : I've replied your email (: And i don't give people my msn.

passerby: hello , can i know when will be the conatct lens preorder open again ?
i wanted to buy but close le

To passerby: If got open again, will post up on my blog, no worries(:

Lihui: Learn roller blade starting on grass:)

To Lihui : That's what i do , because i won't fall only on grass. Haha

STARR~: Oh gawd. CL Listening is over, how did you fare? ALOT of peepos got "C" as the ans can =/ HAHAHA. Tell you smth abit shocking, my ex is considered in your sch. You are in Loyang, right? If you are, he 's in your sch. GEEHZ.
& I know your blog through hopping. I forgot how I hopped onto yours =x

To STARR~: Mayb can pass ?! But won't get full marks la. Oh, who's your ex ?! Lol.

Passer (:: when you pierce naval , do you use something to pinch and make its numb first ? cause am afraid of the pains

To Passer (:: When you are doing piercings, there wont be anything to numb it .
This is not an operation . There's only alcohol whereby can kill germs. The pain is bearable.

ramdomm: wa.. ur bf got diam on the forehead is it ? gt diam means fighter right ? just asking.

To ramdomm: Ya,got tiam , any problem with that?

passerby-j: you also play para para?! me too! i haven got a lot of friends who play that and i sure wanna know more of those para players!! haha

To passerby-j : But I'm not good at it la . haha !!

I love Ong Tai Jun

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Had Dinner with my 2 Sis ;Amanda&Kaven last Friday.
Its not any normal occasion , but a special and memorable one.
It's some sort like a Reunion Dinner . Yes, just the 3 of us. We don't need "others"
Had a heart to heart talk with the both of them last week Thursday.
Kaven said : " Isn't it better with just the 3 of us ?! "
Come to think of it, whatever she said made sense . Yes, we don't need "them"

We went to Hougang for our dinner, ordered 3 pepper crabs and a hot plate tofu .
Was craving for Kang Kong but it was sold out , so we made do with the 2 items first.
No point ordering so much food , and end up can't even finish right ?!?!
Other kids from other country are starving and begging for food, so why should we waste food?

We enjoyed the meal alot although it wasn't any feast or something .
But all my pictures for that day were gone !!!!!!!!!!!!
My computer broke down on Sunday and it was also reformatted .
Then at night , kim came over to find us , and went drinking again .

Yesterday(Monday) , Met up with my hardcore bitch .
The mintue we reached Bugis , we went to Pastamania straight away .
Both of us were like so fucking hungry man !!! Buay tahan .

Was intending to buy some stuffs, but nothing caught my eye.
So we walked around and decided to try the Fish Spa ,
it's actually for fishes to nibble dead skins on your feet and after that, you will feel that your
feet became more and more smoother than before. Both of us were scared at first ,
because we don't even know the feeling at all as it was our very first time trying it.
But before that , we MUST soak our feet in the basin first .
Imagine you never wash your feet , the fish will immediately faint and you will be shocked.
Haha , haha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And i was brave enough to let my feet down first , but i shouted la .
After awhile , both of us got used to it and we were hoping more fishes would swim over to our feet and nibble of all our dead skins , thus let the fished choke and die on the spot.
Haha haha , alright , I'm just kidding la , I'm not a cruel girl !!!!!
It's really fun and you can get to experience the fishes swimming around you for 30 minutes.

See , this bitch of mine don't want to put her feet down !!!

At last !!!!

All of you should try it man , sure no regrets !!!!
For my fellow readers , you will only have to pay 10 bucks for 30 minutes .
Just say that " I'm Isabella Blog reader " and tata , you got it at only 10 bucks,babes .

Shop name : Allure Forever
Person In charge : Jismine

It's located at Bugis Street last lane .
For people whom think that they might lost their way, or don't really know how to get there,
You can call 91845215 , ask them and they are able to fetch you .

So please do remember to say that " I'm Isabella Blog reader " ,
to enjoy this great offer at only 10 bucks !!

After that , the staffs there were kind enough to help me and my darling Bitch
to straighten our hair using the hair straightener .
Their straightener damn power . You can try it at only 8 bucks .

After that , we went over to smoke Sheesha . This time ordered Mint and Strawberry flavour.
We waited for the Sheesha for like 30 minutes ? as the charcoal wasn't ready.
We talked about relationships , also had heart to hear talks .
And we cam-whore like crazy , especially her , kept on asking me to help her take pictures la !!
And when its my turn to have my pictures taken, she pressed until video there la.
We didn't even realized until we went back to gallery to search for the pictures . Haha

So after cam-whoring, we ordered Onion Rings and Potato Boat.
My bitch was complaining to me that the food was very little but expensive.
And both of were like : " Should go burger king buy la, more cheaper and alot "
But the fact is , the onion rings that we ate was actually much more tastier than Burger King.

Then Hubby called me . I'm very happy because he called me everyday without fail.
And he will tell me how much he miss me and love me .
Yesterday, he even wanted to get married when I'm 18 (which is next year) ,
and even asked me to give birth to many children !!! Haha haha !!!!

I really love him alot , I'm talking to him on the phone now(:


I love Ong Tai Jun

Tuesday, July 22, 2008