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Anything wrong with my big name?
I'm a peranakan child,
malay is my 3rd lauguage.

If you think you know me well,
read my blog & think several times.
I'm turning 18 on 24 August.

I'm not so much of a girl who looks at
the dollar sign, but more for a guy
with a good heart.
No one can judge my life.

Everthing has a limit to it,
If you step onto my tail,
i will give you hell & i mean it.

I'm attached to OTJ

Last but not least,
I'm not the bitch that you want to mess with.


I'm attached to OTJ
I'm going to marry him in the future
I love no one,except him
He belongs to me
If you dare,you snatch him
& i will take the parang & chase you around.
you think I'm joking ?
Try it then
Blissfully engaged on 01-05-06


1 year with hubby
2 years with hubby
3 years with hubby
big Guess bag
Corsets / ripped shorts
Get into a Dance Company
Navel Piercings
Repierce Tongue
Smiley piercing
Septum piercing
Eyebrow piercing
Gucci Lanyard
Gain 10kg more
BEBE jacket
Chanel Foundation
Car license next year
New engagement ring with hubby
Get married to OTJ
Pass my O's & get into polytechnic
Event management courses / diploma
Waiting for the time to
tattoo my whole back


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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm feeling so high and excited now because


It's like finally Hubby and i have been together for 2 years .

I have to admit that this is my longest relationship and I'm gonna get married to OTJ,
perhaps next year, when I'm officially 18 .


Wish me luck guys.

I don't know , but i only love him and I'm not attracted to any other guys except OTJ.
No matter how charming they are, it's just a big N.O !!!!!

No one can fucking replace my OTJ !!!!!

I'm not that kinda girl who goes for looks or the dollar sign ,
but rather a guy that could make me happy .
I'm a happy-go-lucky person , you will only see me smile & laugh even if things goes wrong.
Not sure why, but I'm just like that. Change me ?!?! No so easy la.

Hubby and i don't celebrate months anniversary , we only celebrate years.
Months not fun la , years more challenging and exciting man !!!!


And of cos , it means alot to us .
So people, how can i now be excited right ?!?!
Maybe if you see a mad women dancing and jumping on the streets,
don't need see or say anything , confirm is me !!!!!!
HAHA !!!!!!!

We don't think there's a need to celebrate every month , it's a waste of time ?!
And sooner or later , you will feel fucking SIAN about it .
Hubby once told me : " We celebrate "years" okay ? "
And of cos my answer is a big big big big big OK !!!!!!!!!! HAHA !!!
Maybe you guys don't understand what he means , but i understand can already la.
Maybe different people have different kind of views ?!?!

There's a different feeling if you celebrate it yearly rather than monthly.
You will have the "looking towards it" feeling .

Yes, I'm gonna meet my beloved Hubby tomorrow.

Both of us even plan to wear couple shirts tomorrow !!!

But before that, i need to wake up early to do piercings for others .
Gonna wake up like 8am ?!?!

Goodnight (:

Photography by Richard & Simon

I love Ong Tai Jun

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kita bagaikan pasir dan lautan,

tidakkan berpisah

I'm so exultant because our 2 years anniversary is coming.
It's on Labour day 010508 ((:
So people, how can i not be happy ?!?! awwwwwwwww

Went out with Amanda Sis to city plaza on Thursday.
At the same time, i was worried for darling & luckily nothing happens to her !!!!
The both of us shopped around & i brought dress , heels and BRA !!!! HAHA.
Aftermath, ate my favourite Wan ton noodles as I've not eaten it for the past few months.
Can't even eat pork or beef at home due to muslim & chinese prayers .
So I've been craving for Wan Ton noodles and many many more !!!!
Only can eat outside !!! NO BEEF & PORK ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE !!!!!!!
Then home sweet home (:

After exams, bus-ed straight home then prepared and went to Hubby's house.
On the way, Hubby prank called me , he & his lame girly voice !!!!
Everytime call & let me hear his girly voice. Can't stand it man , cos he's so cute.
Whenever he did that irritating voice, i can't control my emotions, so i started laughing.
Slacked at his house till late night , then something happen )):
Okay, I don't want to say so much because afterall it's my personal stuffs.
Then Hubby's mother sent me home , so sweet(:

Went for Photoshoot on Saturday .
It was damn tiring & my whole body is aching due to some reasons.
Will received the pictures in 2 weeks time !!!
Thanks to Amanda Sis parents for bring us to the 2nd photoshoot location.
Oh my!! The scenery there was damn bloody nice & we got so many mosquito bites.
The worst thing is that i forgot to bring my towel & mosquito repellent.
The photographer is so cool man!! He's a super uber nice man.
He even brought a tent for me to get change into my other outfits . HAHA !!!
& even wanted to give me some cash to go to our next location,
but of cos , i didn't take his money (: The sunset there was beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!
Then bus-ed all the way back home .

Having Science practical & end around 2.30 pm.
Went home, got change then met Amanda Sis & off to Tampines.
Brought & ordered some things there , then went back to our home town.
Both of us went to find my darling girl & Ahyong , chit-chatted & slacked awhile.
Then off to cottage pie, brought some stuffs & FINALLY, I HAD SMILEY PIERCING.
Believe it or not, I pierced myself but also thanks to Amanda Sis for lifting my lips !!!
It's not really pain, but only when the needle pierced through it.
Some sort like Tongue piercing, for those girls whom i pierced tongue for them,
should know what's the feeling . And after that, no feeling at all only NUMB !!!!!!
POWER LA !!I'm helping Darling to pierce her Smiley & helping her to repierce her septum.
Darling, Don't sad la, I'm here for you man !!!!!!!

For those who are interested in TONGUE/LIP/SEPTUM & SMILEY piercings,
Please email to isabella240891@gmail.com for more details (:

Bye readers.
I love you.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

BLOG SELLERS who are keen to let me advertise for your blog shop,
please email me & we shall discuss more about it ?!

Advertising will be free of charge.
But terms & conditions applied.
Average visitors per day = more than 500
( you can see how many average visitors i have per day, at the left column
just above my nuffnang ad & below my advertlets )

Update again tommorrow
Good night

I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally English Examinations for Mid year is over !!!
I've got to strive real hard for my other 6 subjects.
But I've got no MOTIVATION.
I need someone there to push push push push me !!!!!

I'm sick now, thanks to Sis (:
I think i might be staying over at Hubby's place, so that he can look after me. HAHA !!
Tomorrow is going to be a very tiring day):

Some girls are really fucking thick skin, asking a guy to be their part-time Boyfriend.
After i heard some people telling me about her stories,
i felt that she's so desperate for love, or rather to get fuck.
Oh ya, Please click on my nuffnang advertisement ((:
Seriously, I'm very lazy to update my blog with pictures.
But without pictures, you guys will be bored right ?!?! So... I will ....

Photography by RICHARD and C.B.LIM





Reply to only some tags

Vonieee::hie,i dont think you need to eat more to gain weight,skinny also have its own beauty
PeiLing::Pretty! You're so pretty la! x] I'm so envy man. Stay pretty yeah, loves!
bab::Smile more. You look really pretty when you smile
hellohello::you are superpretty can ! just tht you need to gain 15kg more i think will nicer ;D
arbo , try to est then go sleep wakeup eat sleep eat sleep ? hahas you too skinny ler .but still,
you veryvertyvery pretty ah !eatmore ! jiayou ! ;D& ya youre superlucky to have this figure .
can eat everything you want .
(:: oh my god, ur photoshoots pic are so pretteh!
Zxs:: Wow , i see more & more nice pictures ;D & i like your hair xD
♥ lerling: The way you smile in the second pic was pretty!
XY :D:: I like your stanford raffles photoshoot manzx.
[:: u look so pretty.. can i add u in msn for chat?? take care alway and stay PREEEEEEEEEEEETY always.. [: hahas..
<:: PRETTY !
passerby.: your pictures are nice. stay pretty!
:D .: ello chiobu c euu in recess always de . hahas , stay chio always !
and ur photoshoots are niceeee !
wenyuan:: hey!those photo shots of urs re realli preetttiieee!=)
Dropby:: Lol, ignore those spammers, some shops at eastside, lip piercing costs more than 15bucks. Newbies. Isabella, you are pretty lah, dont care those dogs -.-

REPLY TO ALL ABOVE : Thanks so much for the compliments.

DDD:: may i noe where u bought ur `LOVE` necklace ?
Missy:: Hi babe, can i ask where you buy the necklace "LOVE" on yur 14 april post? Ty! Whenever i come to yur blg i wish i can give you my fats cus im fat ): tc!
(:: Hey can you tell me how you pierce tongue? and how much does it cost outside?

REPLY TO ALL ABOVE : Brought it at Far East, my dear(:

passerby:: hey ! you're doing lip piercing / tongue ? im interested
Passer-by:: Hihi. Ermm. I wanted to hav a lip pierce man. Well, i will be goin to be my first pierce on my face. XD. Erm. How does it feel after the piercing.
Pardon my nooblish english ya !! Haha. Take care.
i wana pierce tongue , but scare pain ): hai .. anyways stay pretty ~
YO:: Does tongue piercing bleed alot?! and isit safe to be pireced by you? X: sorry to doubt
your skills but i confess i am scared on infections and pain. hahah.
Passerby : Lip peirce,how much ? :]

REPLY TO ALL ABOVE : Please email to isabella240891@gmail.com
It will only be pain when the needle is being pierced through your tongue.

passergirl: so good that you can pierce your nose. i cant cos i got sensitive nose =(
To passergirl: I didn't know that sensitive nose can't pierce. Haha.

yoyo: where you cut your hair? so niceeeeeeeeeee.
To yoyo: I cut it very long ago, i think last year? Near my house(:

BELLA`:omg ! i happened to past by ure blog and we both have th same name ...
nyahahas. i want nose piercing , but i thinks it fcuking painful lars. =x
oh yah , i think ure really damn hell pretty lars. so ure earning money by blogging ?
awww that's cool. i wish i could earn $$$ by blogging too lars. but i dunno how and im
only 14 >_<>
To BELLA`: Haha, so fated to have the same name?! Nose is not painful but Septum is
painful (: Thanks for the compliment. 14 years old ?! So young (:

Supergirl: happen to pass by yeahs , you look sweeter and chioer when u smile wit ur teeth(: Btw,whatis smiley piercing yeahs?(:the pic in ur blogskin looks kinda of fierce,no offense though
To Supergirl:: Thanks dear(: Blogskin looked fierce? You mean my blog header?
Smiley piercing is a piercing in between your lips/gum (: some sort.

Taggie:sorry for tagging so much. i cant resist! wa, u stand there like sir stamford raffles sia:]
To taggie: Haha ! But don't look like (:

F II O N A: hey . your septum piercing goes through your flesh and not th bone right ?
it looks quite pain . but it looks very cute , sth sticking out (:
To F IIONA: Yup, Its supposed to only go through the flesh, but I'm not sure whether
the person did pierced through my bone, as my septum piercing is slanted(: Cute? HAHA.

-.- ::you dont look good with your septum pierced .
To -.-: Yes, I know, that's was why i said I'm only putting it for a few months.
And i didn't say i looked good with my septum piercing.

Dropby :Hi pretty, i've septum piercing too. But seriously, i dont feel the pain when piercing,
but only when the person 'clip' my nose.
To Dropby: This proves that you are not human !! Haha.

Spammers, don't you dare to expect any reply from me.
It's really a waste of my time to reply to unknown idiots.
You tag nonsense, i will just delete .

I love Ong Tai Jun

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photography by RICHARD AND C.B.LIM

I'm always not satisfied with the lightings,
so lightings edited by yours truly (:

Exams are coming, I'm so gonna die.
And I did nothing for my O level & mid year art.
And my friendster is giving me problem,
can't even upload any photos. what the fuck ?!

If you don't like me, you can fuck off.
I don't need you to read my blog.
The more you click on my blog, the more money i earn.

.... Bye.



I love Ong Tai Jun

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Photography by Simon
I've got many pictures more to post, but I'm so lazy.
I don't really like the lightings of the shoots, so yeah, i edited the lightings.
Goodnight readers



I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Photography by C.B.LIM
They wanted me to pose like Stamford Raffles.
But there's so much difference. haha !!

Take note to those spammer;
The next time you spam, i will immediately delete all tags.
I don't want to waste my time on you guys when i don't even know who you are.
You guys don't even dare to write your name when you criticize/comment me.
So why must i keep all those tags ?! I'm so sick & tired of it.
Because you guys can only say ; " you so skinny, blabla... "
Until you guys dare to come find me, then i shall put up all your "wonderful" comments.


I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

At times I understand you

And I know how hard you've tried

See the photo above !!! Hubby was behind me doing
twist or something & i don't even know. Until i browse through my pictures,
then i realized what he had done. No wonder yesterday after i
took pictures, then he & friends laugh !!!

Darling & i

Finally, finally, finally, I've got my Septum piercing on Wednesday.
The feeling was so damn fucking Shiok, shiok, shiok la.




Okay, Actually it was kinda pain.
The needle was getting closer & closer to my Septum.
While i was grabbing Kaven's arm, i shouted the word " FUCK"
The needle went through my septum without any warning & tears began to flow.


I didn't cry, but when i open my eyes, my tears just flowed down my cheeks.
And it's normal for tears to drop when you pierce at any part of your nose.
I'm so fortunate because i had my two loved one's there with me.
I was telling Darling about how painful it was , telling her about the bearable pain.
We actually intended to pierce together on Friday, but when after i went to the shop,
I so wanted to get the piercing right away, so i got it straight away without hesitating.
But darling is afraid of pain.Her body is filled with tattoos but she's afraid of septum piercing.
This darling of mine is so so so so so so silly, but i love her la. Darling, you like ?!?!
But she went to pierce it the next day , my darling so brave right ?!?!

Guys told me that its not painful , its all bullshit la, guys want their "face" .
But Girl friends told me it was painful .
And fucking hell ,

the person pierced slanted for me


I looked like some weired asshole. Haha !!! I don't think my septum piercing will last long.
I might just put for a couple of days/months then take it out.

On Thursday, went to Downtown East to meet up with Darling & Nana sister.
But when i reached there, Nana was gone, she went elsewhere & will be back later.
But in the end, she didn't come back as she was supposed to go other places.
Zhiling, Darryl , Kaven & that Samantha was there too .
And i did something very evil & maybe i went too overboard.
But i like it, darling like it too. Slacked,talk cock,cam-whored & ate Mac nuggets.
Katherine came & she was wearing such a sexy top.Phoebe & Yingying came aftermath.

Darling , Kaven Sis and i were planning to open a private investigation company,
as I'm real good at such stuffs !!!! Anyone wanna hire me as your PI ?!?!?! haha !!
We had so many funny ideas like asking a lady to walk towards the guy. then pretend to trip
and grab the guy . Then we can snap pictures of it !! We gonna charge 1 photo for 20 bucks.
Imagine 1 client,we took about 10 pictures and our total earnings is 2000 bucks excluding
opening capital,expenses,etc!!! Haha!! I'm like teaching you guys Principals of accounts.

Sat for a few hours at Mac outside,then went to 418 to meet Damien,Jasmine& co.
And i saw Samantha again & i did something evil again !!!!
Come on , even if i criticize you in front of more than 10 people , than you also have
your rights/choice to voice out things , but you didn't . Because you fucking don't dare.
Don't act like you are very innocent. If you don't dare, then don't act one big fuck in
Downtown east / 418 !!!!! If my sister never bring you come down , you think you will
know all of them ?!?! Bull shit , Even your closest friends/sisters said you have change.
Aftermath, Bused home with Darling, Damien & company.

I was supposed to meet Darling again on Friday, but i might be going Hubby's house.
So i didn't meet her & last minute, i didn't went to Hubby's house so went Tampines Mall.
Didn't went to celebrate Sze Kuan Sis birthday , but at least she got her "special" guy.
Zi jing came , aftermath, pierced tongue/lip for about 11 people.
Hubby & Gilbert came too (: I'm so so so so so happy to see Hubby !!!!!! Haha.
Aftermath , went to Century Square to get my Sunglasses & finally got a new one.
Slacked & went up to Nokia Care with Hubby & Gilbert, waited for damn bloody long.
Amanda Sis came and had a slight argument with Hubby because of some stuffs.
In the end, he apologized to me and we kissed. Glad that everything was fine.

Amanda Sis & i went to ******* whereas Hubby & his friends went elsewhere.
We went there just for the sake of buying some cheap & useful stuffs !!!
All items at only 2 bucks each .It's fucking cheap & i spent 20 bucks for 10 items.
I brought a box of 30 Cleanser Wipes to remove makeup's & also for cleansing.
Just wipe a few times & all the foundation / mascara will be gone .
I tried it yesterday night & the result was not bad. It can even remove stubborn mascaras.
I brought a box of nose stripes to clean my nose & it also can remove pores.
The whole nose stripes is black & after i put for about 15 minutes & removed it,
there's a little dirt on it , so it might be quite useful !!!!
Darling recommended me the Charcoal Mask & i brought it too .
I've tried it just now & after i removed the mask, my face became smoother.

It's only a fucking 2 bucks just for an item !!!
You can find so many stuffs there but there were more household stuffs instead.
You will be sure to find cosmetics like eyeliner/blusher/eyebrow pencil/foundation & etc.
But of cos it won't be that good and I'm not sure whether it will make your skin worse.
Can you guys guess where is the place ?!?!?!?! Guess & i will give you 1 million !!!!!
Say thanks to me for sharing this to all of you (: Am i good ?!?!?
(those who wanna know where's the place, can email me.)
(don't waste your effort to tag & ask, it won't help .)

While shopping, Kaven Sis & Kimberly came ,then we went SpotLight & play.
Aftermath, dine in at Pastamania then went back to our hometown.
Damien , Bowen , Michelle , Ahpui , Weiming & company were at Mac.
Chatted with them for a very short while , then off to find Alicia & co .
Cabbed to home sweet home (:

I just chatted 2hours with Hubby on the line today around 7plus in the morning. (saturday)
He was telling me about alcohol/beer & stuffs .And he said I'm cute because of some reasons.
He even said he wanna go overseas with me & more more more more more stuffs la !!!!!
And he asked me :" Dear, what if later i sleep then i die how ?! What will you do ? Will you find other guys & will you cry & shout my name ?!?!?!?! " He's so lame !!HAHA.

Examinations next Thursday. And i have not even study at all.
I'm so gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...

Will you save me ?!!?


Please take note;

Those who are interested in Tongue/lip piercing, please email
to isabella240891@gmail.com for more details. Charging at a super low rate.

1 buck per strand , Curls, Straight , Coloured - Red , Blond, Brown
For more information ; email to lollipoppearlyn@hotmail.com
Visit extension-hair.blogspot.com

Reply to only some tags

Dovey: Hey girl, don't put hair extensions too long 'cause those extensions will spoil
your hair
and your own hair wouldn't grow longer anymoreD: takecare yeah, stay pretty.
To Dovey: I've already took out all of my extensions during January & I've put extensions
for about 1 year last year. And at first, i also thought that my hair can't grow,
but actually it did grow. So you are wrong, hair will eventually grow(: takecare too.

passerby: hi.jus wondering if u know the price for extentions currently for one streak.thanks
To passerby: Hey there, looked at my post (: above.

Anoymous: Hellohello! : D You're so so pretty! Im jealou of you, hahahhaa. ):
Good luck in everything you do,babe.
To Anoymous: Thanks dear. Same to you too.

PASSERBY: hello , i love ur pic so much men !! ahrgg ! stay pretty always !
To PASSERBY: Thanks so much sweet.

Dropby: Hi! You really have a long& slim legs!
To dropby: It's not slim, my dear. It's too skinny, hahaha!!

...: why do u hate samantha so much?
To...: Why must you ask so much ?& who are you?

Miki: Hello! you're really pretty :} i think if you gain a little weight you will look even more stunning.
To Miki: Thanks dear(:

BOBOBOBOBOBO: wad facial cleanser u use?????? why no pimple haha! teach me how to be pimple-free. hahaha! anw~ nice photos. smile smile x)
To BOBOBOBOBOBO: I'm using neutrogena but don't use it everyday. Because I'm very lazy to apply anything on my face. Its due to genes, because my mom don't really have much pimples (: thanks.

becca ('.'): u and ur boyfriend's so cool, is it ur 2nd or 3rd year on 01/5 ? ure a sweet couple, sure gonna get married someday(:
To becca('.'): It's gonna be the 2nd year , my dear. We will tie the knot soon. HAHA.

passer-by: cann any one tell me wadds poisonwawa blogshopp?
To passer-by: Hey dear, my blog shop will be set up soon . patient yeah?!

outsider.: is it pain to pierce ur nose?! x-x
To outsider.: Which part of the nose ? If it's the septum(middle) , then it's painful.
Other than that , is not painful (:

♥ Cheryl :): prettay! you'r simply too gorgeous man. envy* but you'r a lil too skinny :X no offence! try eating bread? will gain more weight!
To ♥ Cheryl :): Thanks dear. I'm trying very hard to gain weight. eat bread?!

anon: I'm here hater ! She damn s u c k y one, everytime step one sibei chio one. when's she not even one!she thinks she got some how of those sexy backside and big breast one she don't even have.at least u know ur limits and everything when you took your shooots unlike her, stepping one so SEXY ! at least i don't find you so hao lian? not bad lah this kind of thing. is that zhuo ren yao dong de zi ji zhan zai na li ma.haha! anyway ur shoots are real nice! hahaa. how do you get elected for such nice shoots? is it free or u have to pay like some other agencies? for $380 for the poftfolios?
To anon: Oh dear, you seems to really hate Jocelyn alot ?! Don't like this la, maybe different
people have different types of view ?! Is either someone hired me for shoots or got
approached by photographers & infact the photographers paid me for the shoot.

XY :D: Hmm, okayyyyyz. Jiayous in whatever you do bah! And and, last long with your boy and stay sweeet! I gave up on mine alr. HOHOHOHO. Takecare, prettay
To XY :D: Yes, I will last long. Gave up yours?! Never mind , Singapore got too many guys,
Just let go of the past & find your love one slowly ! Takecare too(:

(:: Sorry for giving you wrong info D:!Haha,how're you going t gain weight?I only know herbalife good for gaining weight/slimming..But ex,dont know if you will buy that.Haha! Ignore those no life spammer
To (:: It's okay dear. I'm intending to go to the weight gaining center. Yes, i'm not .
affected by them. Just let them say what they wanna say. There's retribution(:

passer: lol , kisiao ah ? $15 for a piercing ? no guarentee that it wont infect ? sot si boh ? u can get it as low as $3 , somemore guarentee no infection =.= ........... NO OFFENCE AH .
To passer: eh, you scold me kisiao & sot for what ?!? still say no offence. eh, cb, my mother
give birth to me is let you scold one ah. if you can get 3 bucks then go ahead , no one stop you.

ur bloggie fan'Lr: ie think ppl are jealous over small small things. pls dont judge her! not everyone is perfect. so wad if she has piercings. pericings're okay ritex. so pls have ur own life yeah, dont spam yeah. tc!
To ur bloggie fan'Lr: Yes, not everyone is perfect. But I'm not affected by what they said.
So just let them be . There's retribution in this world & jealousy kills (:
Passerby: The Your Friends And You doing that photoshoot.
To passerby: I'm just asking for your feedbacks, so haven't really planning
to organize those shoots. Shall post up on my blog if My friends & i are doing.

random(: Hi! You're pretty, all your photos all that. But pardon me for saying, you are way too skinny I think. Must eat more in order to make you don't look like one aneroxic lady. No offence yea
To Random(: Thanks dear. Yes, I'm really trying very hard to be fat.
I don't want to be skinny either. I might be going to the weight gaining center(:

unknown: Your paid shoots are on per assignment basis or hourly rated pay ? What do you use to make your skin looks so pure?
To unknown: So far, my paid shoots are all per assignment basis.
Maybe you try washing your face with cleanser everyday ?

yoyo: your are very friendly eh! not like those ahlian. so dao one lo.
To yoyo: Haha !!

passerby: wahlan.. ur pis all buang
To passerby: Haha !! After i saw your tag, i laughed till peng !!!
I know that my pictures are nice & it's the fact. Don't deny & face the facts. HAHA!!

pb: ugly f*ucker trying to act like a high class model. Please lah lian, you have no standards at all. Renew your life, remove your piercings and your lian behvaiour. sucker
To pb: Which part of my blog/actions said that I'm acting like a high class model ?!
Piercings is an art . Whether i have it or not, it's none of your fucking business.

jer: can i ask where you buy the heineken top?
To Jer: Bugis Street.

sheryl: my friend is caizhuang.you remember her?i want to do this kind of photoshoots too. but i'm definetly not as pretty as you.=(nice to meet you sweetie. lets be friends okay?
To Sheryl : Yes, I remember her. Nice to meet you too (:

Deb - pasrby: Ohs, i have a tongue piercing . Im afraid of the lip piercing )x . Anyway , thanks for telling .Will consider , & email you when i've decided to pierce my lip.
To Deb - pasrby: Okay, shall wait for your email then(:

isabelle-passerby: hello isabella, stay pretty always, your always chio de [: LOLS
To isabelle-passerby: Wow, your name almost same as me (: Haha, thanks dear.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

By photographer C.B.LIM

I'm Doctor Bella.

Let me be your love doctor for today.

Have you guys ever wonder why relationships can't last?

Firstly, you must be aware that each and everyone of you must be different.
Men & women are at odds with each other.
We usually become angry or frustrated with the opposite sex
because we have forgotten this important truth.
We expect the opposite sex to be more like ourselves.
We desire them to " want what we want " & " feel the way we feel ".
We mistakenly assume that if our partners love us, they will react & behave in
certain ways the ways we react & behave when we love someone.

Falling in love is always magical, It feels eternal , as if love will last forever.

Guys will only treat girls good&pamper them at the start of a relationship.
After a few months, problems creep in. The resentments build,
communication breaks down , mistrust increases.
Rejections and repression result. The magic of love is lost.

We ask ourselves ;
How does it happen ?!?!?!
Why does it happen to us ?!?!?!

Love eventually dies. It happens to everyone.
Each year, millions of couples join together in love & then painfully separate
because they have lost that loving & special feeling.
The love is gone but memories stays.
When men & women are able to respect and accept their differences,
then love has a chance to blossom.
Love is magical, and it can last, if we remember our differences.

I'm contented because i still have my hubby - ONG TAI JUN.
I love him, he love me.
We are happy family.

Reply to only some tags;

Hello;): Hi. Im a daily reader of your blog and i think your'e really very friendly and nice.
also , i think you are a cool person yeh, cuzzzz, you're like so young and taking model shoots.

You are so talented! Good luck!:D
To Hello;); Hey my daily reader(: Thanks for reading my blog & giving such great
compliments. Good luck to everything you do too (:

ur bloggie fan'Lr: ie think you doenst look good in blusher): & no offernce. just hope you become pretty luhs. ur frindge(sp) cut shorter wil look nice. i think try bangs ba! tc
To ur bloggie fan'Lr: Maybe different people have differents views yeah?!
Yes , I'm thinking of cutting bangs , changing to my previous hair style, but not so soon.

Brenda: Do you pierce like the people in yellow? :S
To Brenda: Oh dear, I don't pierce at Yellow so i don't know what's their procedure.
And if you want lip piercing, yes, you have to come to my convenience(:

Deb - pasrby: Hello there , which is more painful? (x tongue or lip ? im considering
weather i shld pierce my lip or not. (x

To Deb - pasrby: Frankly speaking, i think lip will be much painful. Because i'm using
a different type of need to pierce the tongue & it will only be painful when the needle
pierced through it & might feel kinda uncomfortable when eating, but eventually,
you will get use to it . Email me at isabella240891@gmail.com , if you wanna pierce.

JUSTINA: Hi again, where can pierce naval then ? Charging at ? I want pierce again...
But y0u pierce is it pain ?

To JUSTINA: Since you said you wanna pierce again, means you should know where
can pierce naval . And I'm not piercing naval for people , because its kinda risky.
It might even affect your baby if you pierce wrong or something.

passerby-123456789: mind if you upload your sec1 hairstyle ?
To passerby-123456789: I'm still searching for my sec one hairstyle pictures,
Once i found it, i will post it up alright ?!

Anon: Those who hate ppl who are skinny and fat they can go die loh. skinny cant fat oso cnt.then live for what? average is nicer? thn liketht the 1/4 of sporeans left loh. bcus
3/4 of then are either too fat or skinny, already go die liao.

To Anon: Ohmy, Don't get so angry over those type of people.
They just love to criticize others, just let them be. There's retribution, my dear(:

XY :D: AHH, your photoshoots are really nice.So you are planning to take modelling
as a career route? Takecare now, prettay.

To XY :D: Thanks dear. Not really though , i will take one step at a time (:

mantou: u r so beautiful, i am a girl, so don tink wo zai pai ma pi
To Mantou: Thanks (: =.=

--: Ohyes, you shouldnt take pictures so closed up, making you look really scary.
Take a step back and you'll look g8! Rock on, yeah? Prettaye!

T0 --: Oh really? Oh my, i didn't know. So did my pictures scare you? Haha, thanks.

Passerby: how much,your photoshot??
To Passerby: You mean about my friend planning the group photoshoot or my photoshoot?

(:: You can try'pai du mei yan bao' detox supplyment.Can get@guardian for 75$,60 pills.
Helps to detox your body,cause your body has a lot of toxin hence,cant absorb nutrients.

Thats why you eat also never
(:: Fat!Haha.After you finish detox,you can gain weight.
Cause this supplement helps people to gain weight /slim down for obese people(:

You can try.No side effects,in fact give you clear skin.Hope it helps.

To (:: Thanks so much dear. But I've checked with those guardian people,
they said detox is for slimming down. Haha . I'm going to the weight gaining soon.

passby: how much is ur photo shooting? how much uu get tu pay?
To passby: I didn't pay any amount for the photoshoots, infact the photographers paid me.

anon: hahaha!she's like so proud of herself can?when she so much more worser then you! i saw a group photo which i saw her gross face! Take much much much nicer one then her
and make her feel that ur photo are better then her! GAMBATEH! hahaha!

To anon: So bad of you to say like this. I feel that her pictures are not bad(:
Are you her friend or ???

passer-: hello, i cant gain weight in the past too. Lol. Try eating your food with mayo!
It helped me gain a little weight, though it sounds weird! XD
To Passer-: It's really damn weird but i love Mayo. Haha !! Thanks so much dear.

♥ Yixin: View & tagged , you're friendly
To ♥ Yixin: Thanks so much dear(:

smiles(:: I don't think you need to waste your time entertaining those spammers yup. Ignorance is Bliss . [;
To smile(:: Agreed with you man !!!

Taggie: hey babe, u can eat faster to gain weight.i eat real slow,tats why im so skinny:(fast eaters grow fat fast u leh anw,do update often!i love reading ur posts!Ur life's so interesting=)
To taggie: Yes, i know that eating fast will help to gain weight. But what if i choke, how?!?!
Haha . For girls who wanna be slim, must chew food into very tiny pieces. Haha.
I will update often dear. Be patient alright ?!?! Thanks so much(:

--: I think she should eat more and gain some weight. In a way, she will look like alot better?
and i think she shouldnt wear the thick belts because she's really skinny.
anw, nice photos you've got.
To--: Yes, I know i should put on more weight, but I'm trying real hard.
I wear belt because the top is kinda big & it will be nicer if i wear belts. Thank(:

sheryl: hi! been reading ur blog for awhile. turns out ur a friend of my friend. ur so pretty.
lurve ur eyes and ur smile. can i ask you a question? where did you get all this photoshoots from? thanks.
To sheryl: Thanks love. Who's your friend ?! Is either people hire me for photoshoots
or photographers approached me (:

isabella fan: dont be lame-PASSERBY?! so childish can.. so lame luhs. -.- i see your tag, i wanna laugh at you bodoh!
To isabella fan : Don't care about those passerby . Just let them be, my dear(:

PASSERBY: paiisehh larrr hor ! i saw her at bugis before . she is lyk a living skeleton.yucks ! den her stead is likkee a FAT PIGG . & im wayy more prettier than HER , plz ?! omgggg ..
how u noe ii not in model line?! plzz laaaa.

To PASSERBY: After reading your tag, I'm having a bad headache, because you are typing
in a very twit mannerrrrrrrr. Model line ?!?! Haha, did you mean modelling industry?!
So this is how a "PROFESSIONAL" model typed ?!?! In a fcuking twiittt wayyyy ?!?!
Please brush up on your english first before whining (: Yes, I'm skinny, BUT SO ?!?!

Sherri: I saw you in tamp on friday . you're really pretty . ;D
To Sherri: Why didn't you said hi to me?! Next time say okay ?!

Apple: Hello! =) Those spammers are SO jealous of you Haha ! They're been childish and lame>< class="pn_std">:D: nice photos
To :D: Thanks Dear.

(: How much are you doing lip pirecing for?
To (:: 15 bucks dear. Email me alright ?!

lihui: hellos isabella,just leaving a tag,you look pretty if you simle but not showing you
teeth will make you look sweet [:

To lihui: Thanks sweet(:

I love Ong Tai Jun

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

If you love someone,

you are supposed to give & take

Credits to Amanda


Hey everyone (:
Yes, I know my blog is lacking of updates.
Haha !!! So you don't have to remind me la, because I have a good memory ?! =.=

Passerby said : " Eh, don't bullshit la , you got good memory ?!?! "
Isabella said :" Ok la,I admit i don't have a good memory.But at least i remember to
update my blog right ?!?! "

You know i love you all right ?! So how can i forget to update & entertain you guys with my
skinny skinny bamboo pictures ?!?!
Oh well, there's a dog barking in my tag board . Do you think i should lock the dog &
maybe kill the dog ?!? Oh my , KILL THE DOG ?! very cruel hor ..............

Met 6 girls for tongue piercing in the noon at Tampines Mall last friday.
Aftermath , met Joanne Sis , Ahboy & company at arcade - as usual .
Off to Long John , saw Zoey & that shameless whore - SAMANTHA
Okay guys . I don't criticize people for nothing !!! I'm not unreasonable.
So whatever i do , of cos there's always a reason behind it .
I'm not like those dogs in my tagboard , they dare to bark so much ?!?!
And criticize me just because I'm skinny. EH HELLO !!! SKINNY GOT WRONG AH?!
You think i want ?!?! This is my life , God gave it to me ?! So what can i do ?!

And i can't grow fat because of GENES & HIGH METABOLISM RATE ?!
Those who don't know what is GENES ;;; http://www.kidshealth.org/kid/talk/qa/what_is_gene.html
Do you know everybody are telling me that I'm so so so so so so lucky ?!?!
I can eat whatever i want - chocolates, ice cream , chicken & so many other stuffs.
And you know what ?!?! No matter how much i eat, I WON'T GROW FAT ?!?!
But what about those dogs in my tag board ?!?!
Eat , eat , eat & the next minute you look into the mirror , you grow fatter =.=

Then i taught Joanne Sis how to put fake eyelashes as she wanna doll herself up
on Ahboy's birthday which is the next day ( Saturday ).
Of cos every girl wants to be pretty on such special occasions .
I think Ahboy will just stare at her with those seductive eyes the whole day. Haha
Mrt-ed & Bus-ed to Hubby's house around evening time.
Then around 8 plus, was supposed to go IKEA with Amanda Sis, Kaven Sis & others.
But Hubby woke up late & kept on dragging time, so we didn't went.
Off to Tampines Mall instead. Hubby & i went Arcade first .

Hubby played soccer & he asked me to choose either Argentina or Nigeria ?!
And i choose Argentina because my full name consists of Tina. "TAN TINA ISABELLA"
And whenever Hubby scored a goal , i gave him a passionate kiss .
I think in total , i gave him more than 6 kissed . WOW !!!!! Haha
And there's a crazy women laughing like mad while she was playing some machine games.
And her laughing sounds like KAVEN !! Yes, I'm serious . Even hubby said so !!!
Finally Kaven & Kimberly arrived , then off to meet Amanda .
All of us went to Open Plaza, Hubby played PSP whereas Amanda, Kaven , Kim & I
cam-whored . Aftermath , wanted to drink Bubble tea , but shop closed as it was
already around 11 plus . So went to cheers , brought Hotdog Bun & 3 box of sandwiches.
Hubby & i were so hungry ): Then cabbed home .

The next day was Ahboy's birthday , but i didn't went )):
We made a trip to IKEA during 7plus . Cabbed with Amanda to GIANT,
brought some stuffs for my family & of cos, my favourite SUSHI !!!
Met Kaven , Kimberly & their friends, then off to IKEA.
Ate Meatballs & fresh cold salmon salad. Regretted buying it , because the taste sucks.
After eating,we walked around & cam-whored,Kaven & i were doing so many funny poses.
Enjoyed alot with my two love one's.

Yesterday(Last Sunday) went Sentosa at night with my family.
We just went there to see the Sky Luge,etc. But I'm no that excited because I've tried before.
The first time i sat the luge was with Hubby during last year.
Walked at the beach, then home sweet home.

Today was the starting of the new time table . SUCKS MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanted to study, but in the end, never. Everytime like that one la !!!!
And and and should i cut bangs ?!?! like my Sec 1 hair style . haha .


Please take note ;
I will be doing the 3rd round of Tongue Piercing on this coming Friday.
After this friday, i will increase all piercings .
Those who are interested in tongue/lip piercing, please email to isabella240891@gmail.com

My friend & i will be planning to provide outdoor group photo shoots for 3 to 4 people.
Will you all be interested and willing to pay a small amount for the photo shoots?
Please comment at my tagboard or email to isabella240891@gmail.com for enquires.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, April 14, 2008