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Anything wrong with my big name?
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malay is my 3rd lauguage.

If you think you know me well,
read my blog & think several times.
I'm turning 18 on 24 August.

I'm not so much of a girl who looks at
the dollar sign, but more for a guy
with a good heart.
No one can judge my life.

Everthing has a limit to it,
If you step onto my tail,
i will give you hell & i mean it.

I'm attached to OTJ

Last but not least,
I'm not the bitch that you want to mess with.


I'm attached to OTJ
I'm going to marry him in the future
I love no one,except him
He belongs to me
If you dare,you snatch him
& i will take the parang & chase you around.
you think I'm joking ?
Try it then
Blissfully engaged on 01-05-06


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Get into a Dance Company
Navel Piercings
Repierce Tongue
Smiley piercing
Septum piercing
Eyebrow piercing
Gucci Lanyard
Gain 10kg more
BEBE jacket
Chanel Foundation
Car license next year
New engagement ring with hubby
Get married to OTJ
Pass my O's & get into polytechnic
Event management courses / diploma
Waiting for the time to
tattoo my whole back


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I will be having PAID PHOTO SHOOT tomorrow at Clarke Quay.
The pay is not really much, because I'm not that experienced yet.
& I must like ... wake up early in the morning around 4am.
If not, I'm gonna be late !! I need at least 2 hours to get ready(:
Amanda sis will be accompanying me again, thanks thanks(:
Might be having breakfast with her early in the morning.
Sigh, i need to sleep early today ): Think I'm sleeping now.

There's a saying;
When a girl is interested in a guy,
the guy will still be interested in a toy.
This means that Girls tend to be more mature than guys !!

Last few photo shoot pictures.
Those pictures that i posted up was my first time taking SOLO photoshoot.
The first time i took was group photo shoot with JiaXin Darling during last year.
I've tried my very best taking all these shoots.
Although it might not be perfect , but at least i tried.
Do you guys know how nervous i was?
If you guys think that you can do much better than me during your first time,
then go ahead & show me , if not you guys just shut up.

I've received negative comments just because I'm skinny ?!?!
Skinny also wrong, fat also wrong !! FUCK ALL PASSERBY' s
Don't even dare to write your fcuking name ,then comment nonsense.


Goodbye readers (:

Of all the pictures, I love this picture the most.
Hubby even put this as his computer wall paper ! haha.

This is my 2nd favourite picture :)

I know my legs are skinny , so don't have to remind me!!!!
And my legs looked very tanned when I'm actually fair !!
Don't know why =.=

Reply to only some tags,as there are too many.

passer:the last photo is nice,but you dont pout you mouth,it will look better:)
To Passer : Yes,agreed! thanks anyway.

Kylie: Hey, I know why you looked weird. It's because of your fringe.
Top of the page, got you&your bf's picture. You looked better there

because of your fringe giving a 'sliding' effect and it doesn't look flat.
May be you should get the old messier look.
To Kylie: Last time i used to spike my long hair, thats why it's more messier.
But I've reb0ond my hair around December, that's why it looks flat.

asking x)):heyys do you know where shops pirece lips for teenagers at a low price?
haha, do you still have yr lip pirecing? should a 13 going 14 get one?
To asking x)): Yes, i still have my lip piercing.
I do know of a shop that cost only 8-12bucks for lip piercing.
Actually it depends on yourself whether you should have a piercing or not.
you can leave down your msn,if you really want to ask me for questions.

hellos: navel peircing pain ? & how did they pierce ? :\
To Hellos: It's pain when the needle pierced through the naval,
but aftermath, i don't feel any pain even if i bend down or what.
They use thick piercing needles .

WENNI(:: Haahaa . i like th second pic , so nice .
To Wenni(:: Thanks (:

AIve: its nice,but putting up a little more weight could perfect the picture yeas!
its nice,the photographer also like v professional.27 march,2nd pic,
its nice.
all got different "feel"
To AIve: Thanks for the comment, I'm trying hard to gain weight):

passerby: lol.. she model ar?like the bone can break anytime sia..
u think she pretty meh? omfg pls.. even my granny more chio,bth sia
rose siah..
lol ,u wants comment her pics ma.. its the fcat ugly..
ur comment is here..
To passerby: For god's sake, i suggest you should brush up
on your english first before you made any negative comments about me.
Your english is atrocious ,it makes me wanna puke.
Your granny more "chio" ? Are you insane ?!
Btw, it's my body,my life. Even if my bone would break anytime,
it's none of your business , because YOU SUCKS, I ROCKS !!

Lala:Wow you and ur bf had been tgt for so long lerh.So sweet
To Lala: Haha, thanks.

Michlyn: Hey are you a model?
You look so natural when taking pictures. Stay pretty =)
To Michlyn: Just a freelance. thanks(:

passpass: hey . last long, 2 yrs wor ! keep it up yeahs
To Passpass: Yeah, will last long !! haha. thanks.

ukpasser: how did u manage to find out the person's identity
To ukpasser: Because I'm smart, i have my ways.

passerby-j:i like your 27 march's 3rd photo the clothes. is it a hoodie??
To Passerby-j: Yes,It's a hoodie dress (: Thanks.

:D: why you go photo shooting?
To :D: To do my model portfoilio (:

: ur pictures are nice ((:
To ♥:Thanks

Passerby: i tik u shld stop posting ur pics in ur blog i mean ur foto shoot.
cus its very ugly sia..lOL
To Passerby: Even if its ugly,so what? At least i dare to post up those photos.
That was my first time taking SOLO photoshoots, & i tried my best.
If you think you can do better than me, go ahead & show me.
If not, just shut up.

Angelina: i like the photo w your hair blowing in your face.
very candid very nice ! like beach babe hahahah. :]
To Angelina: Thanks sweets (:

ur sch got many models?
To Kimmy: Don't think so, why?!

Geraldine: yr hair looks flat =.- and your mouth doesnt seems to look nice..
look too big and outt ob shape. this is my comment hope u wun mind sorry =>

To Geraldine: I think that angle of my face makes my mouth look bigger.

: hmms. mux hv faith in urself mahs. ix nt u wan dehr whd..
i'm fat. bt i hv th faith i'll b normal. so mux hv faith in urself!
dnt look dwn on urself cos thre're still ppl much mre worse than u oki! ^^
To Passpass : Thanks for those encouraging words. loves (:

^^: no lah , wher gt ugly . Skinny nice ! Fat like pui ba ,
cnt wear pants ;D don be so low esteem . xP takecare^^
To ^^: Haha, skinny la): anyway,thanks.

Dropby: The first photo of 26march is really pretty,
he second photo is kinda nice too!
To Dropby: Thanks sweets(:

Harlooow(:: You look perfect,dont be bothered about those retards
To Harlooow(:: Thanks, yeah, can't be bothered either.

:): omg! you are soooo pretty cans! your photo edited very very nice!
Takecare pretty!
To :)
: Thanks, btw, i didn't edit those photoshoots.

nana: did u took those pic urself? ur pic look so like...hw to phrase it?
erm.. like a photographer took it fer u or u edit ur pic?
To Nana:Those are my photoshoot pictures,taken by photographer.

apple(::love the first pic! look like mixture of childhood plus vintage!:D
To Apple(:: Thanks my dear.

passerby-123456789: hello may i know how you keep yourself so skinny?
cause i grow fat all of a sudden.
To passerby-123456789: I can't grow fat due to genes
&high metabolism rate. (:

pass:D:Uh,maybe you can like go to Chinatown take pictures all those?
Cos like there should have some old buildings,then you can take picture of it.

Take some pictures of the clothes there also?Maybe can get some inspiration

To pass:D: I've already took those pictures long ago,
but i don't know how to start & draw , poor thing ):

Nasuha: My god ! You're dar&n pretty la sey !
& most of your shots are like so professional(:
To Nasuha: Shots are all taken by a photographer(: thanks.

tingting: Hello ;D can i add you in viwawa?
To tingting: Sure, *poisonwawa*

THAI BU:er, sorry to say, but every of your pictures AINT pretty at all,
i'll prefer looking at pictures that u took urself showing ur nice angle. haa,

& i wonder those passerby are speaking at the bottom of thier heart anot,hai

To THAI BU: Since it's photo shoots,then i can't be always taking my best angles right?
different people have different kinds of view.

[: th pictures look pretteh!
To [:: Thanks my dear.

passer-by: u r a beauty indeed.the pics u shared were beautiful.
dun worry! stay healthy to be pretty kies?

To Passer-by: Thanks so much ! Yeah,healthy is the key.

: You and your bf are lovely
To : Thanks sweets(:

passerby: according to ur post, that 2 photos,
the second picture look lyk mo xiao ling .
To passerby: Which picture?!?! Nah,I don't think so.

&: Your bf realli lks like nicky lee jiu ze. lool. reallii.
godd i jux relise when sofia mention in ur tagbord.

To &: Really?!? I don't think so, maybe some angles?

biatch..: oh, thx!but do you have any websites of it?do reply in tag.
To Biatch...: Don't have, need to search slowly(:

passerby 2: hmm.i go to the youtube and what i have to type?
To passerby2: Type what you want to find. sure have(:

: I'm from pasir ris sec, i go down downtown at times.
She damn what la, everytime stare stare.

To Jer: How you know that was her?! she also not famous(:

Taggie: nice pics:) u'll look beta if u gian more weight:-) watts de advertlets about??
To Taggie: Thanks(: go to advertlets.com to check it out.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

[Do me a favour, Click,click,click on Advertlets on the left corner]

Hello hello !!!!!

Remember that time, my blog was spam by an unknown called "PUNCHER" ?
This type of lame idiotic pest only know how to comment by typing,
and they will never reveal their real name or whatsoever .USELESS !!

Okay, I've found out her true identity & at last, confronted her .
Oh god, she's a pervertic freak & loves to go around harassing others.
And do you guys want to know why she spam my blog ?!

It's because Kaven Sis banned her from spamming, then she came to my
blog & spam rubbish , she spam until she damn fcuking shiok la !!
She's aiming Kaven , & I'm the innocent victim , is like wth ?!?!?!
I'm so innocent , so gentle & blablabla , then why i kana siol ?!?!?!
And i did something evil, my hand just flew like that ,
because she said OTJ is hers !! For god's sake, he's obviously mine.

Don't you think there's something really wrong with her ?!?!
Yes, she admitted she spam my blog & said sorry too !!

Afterall, I'm not that unreasonable .
People who know me very well, will know (:

Meeting Hubby tmr, YEAH !!!

Some of my photo shoot pictures

Candid shot !!! I looked funny here (:
Please laugh , hahahahahahaha !

Give me comment yeah?!

Do i looked fierce here ?!?!?!
I don't like this picture ):

I love Ong Tai Jun

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm looking for a lover not a friend,
Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to.
I'm looking for someone who won't pretend.
Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you.

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for.
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

Oh my darling Ong Tai Jun,
I miss you so so so so so so much .
Can't wait to see you on friday (:

Do i looked like I'm crazy/depressed or something ?!?!
But still, i love this picture (:

After looking at this picture, i know you guys will say things like..
" wa, your leg very skinny leh, so ugly leh " & bla bla bla !!
Okay, i accept any comments =.=


I love Ong Tai Jun

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

I've waited for like 2 plus months, but I've yet to receive my money.
I've cashed out RM100 on 14th January & the status stated "processing"
I'm getting impatient & i might remove the advertlets advertisement from my blog.

The following is taken from Advertlets.com
" Payments cycle are at the end of every month.
Please note that payments are processed 30-45 days
from the end of the month which you cashed out. "

But sad to say, i don't find those 2 sentence true ):
And for now, my current earnings is RM94plus bucks,
i should have earn till RM200 then cash all out ):
I must be clever next time , don't be so kiasu la bella!!!!


[ Okay, I've just received an email from Josh Lim
& he said that all payments for January were just processed.
All legit payouts should reach in a week or two. ]
Thanks !

I will get my money soon ~

I don't quite like my face in this picture ): BOO .
But still, I shall post this picture up to share with you guys.
Any comments ?!?! Tag on my tagboard la dey !!

Do i looked like a living ghost ?!?!?! hahaha !!!
Comment comment , comment comment now now !!!

Goodbye people
Love Ong TaiJun

I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Aku rela, hidup dengan mu

Hubby looked so fierce when he closed his mouth,
so i covered his mouth with the heart shape,
then he won't looked that fierce.
HAHA !!!!
Couple's back view , credits to Amanda
See, my Hubby acting so fcuking damn retarded !!!
becos of how retarded he was, that's why i smile till like =.=
Isn't this cute ?! Aww, I love it man !!!

XiaoTing, Ice Angel & Isabella
I looked kind of weird here, but i like !!!!

Life is so boring =.=
Singapore is so small , there's no where to go .
Can someone please bring me to Japan,Korea or Australia!?!?!?!

Finally, i saw that whore after 123456months on Monday.
I gave her a good scolding in front of many peeps.
and she should consider herself lucky as i didn't even slap or beat her!
She knew what she had done behind my back.
She thought i wouldn't find out, but GOD IS GREAT !!!
And i went off by telling her not to let me see her again,
if not , things will turn out even more uglier.

Amanda,Kaven&i could not visit JiaXin Darling on Tuesday.
So we intended to go on Wednesday evening,but she was discharged.
On Thursday, JiaXin Darling called&told me she was admitted again.
But when we wanted to visit her on Friday, she was discharged again .
Darling,hope you are fine now,I don't want anything to happen to you.
Haha , but she's perfectly fine now, she can even go out gaigai (:
And SzeKuan sis said she's not going back school anymore. wth?!?!?!

Woke up in the morning on Friday,prepared & went to Hubby's house.
His mum & maid cooked curry chicken [ 1 of my favorite dish ].
Overall, it was delicious ! Yummy curry chicken with bread !!
Was actually supposed to meet Amanda Sis at 2pm,but she overslept.

I still remember calling her when i reach Hubby's house,
& she was fully awake , after an hour later when i called her ,
she didn't even answer my calls.Hubby called her many times too.
I had so much difficulties waking Hubby up , & when he woke up,
Amanda was still sleeping like a pig.So Hubby went back to sleep again.
If i know,i should not had waste my precious time waking Hubby up !!

Finally Amanda Sis woke up,then she came to Hubby's house around 4plus.
We were actually planning to go&try out the fish spa, but didn't went.
Hubby was singing & doing so many actions before Amanda came.
He was doing so many hand signs,hugging me&showing so many face expressions.
But his face expressions cannot make it la !! Lousy Hubby , BOO !!!!!
He kept on singing Cai Hong and he behaved like some kind of moron.
After Amanda Sis reached , we played VIWAWA - Mahjong.

Hubby used my account , scolded & made fun of people.
He's spoiling my reputation , so bad right ?!?!?!?!
There's even 1 incident when an unknown guy asked me to intro myself.
Then Hubby told him that if he let him " HU " , then he will intro.
But the unknown guy don't even know that he's talking to a guy .
Damn damn funny , if you were there , you will laugh till peng !!!

After Hubby played so many rounds , then he went to get ready.
Do you know that it's so difficult to ask him to bathe, get ready& everything.
He kept on saying : " Last game , then i go bathe. "
Then end up , he will be playing again & again ! History repeated itself ):
Hubby suggested to sing K ,out of a sudden, he had the urge to sing.
Called TeoHeng to book the room , but there's no room available.
So we decided to go to Plaza Singapura to eat & chill !!!

Headed to PS , brought my cheese donut & marsbar .
I think if i go PS everyday, i will be spending more & more money!!
Walked around,wanted to dine in at"Ice Monster",but there's a long queue.
So went out to slack,then walked back to PS & straight to"Ice Monster"
We queued for about 20 minutes & finally we got in & sat down.
Ordered Mango&Durian Ice Kachang , Fried Dumplings & "i forgot"
Total bill around 20 plus bucks for only 3 items .
The food there was great & kinda expensive,1 bowl of beef noodle cost 9bucks.
But all of you should really go there & try some day or you will regret.

After eating , went to shop around ,
& I wanted to get ballerina pumps from BATA!
It goes with everything from shorts to jeans & girlie dresses.
OMG ,the pumps are so nice,I really feel like wearing pumps. !!!
But when i reached BATA, i don't feel like buying anymore.
I don't want to buy , waste my money & regret after that.
I'm an impulsive buyer,spend lots of money on things i don't really need.
So I'm considering whether to get it or not as I'm also eyeing for Killer heels.
I'm gonna get the heels real soon, I need more money , mummy (:

At night, went off to meet Andrew,Damien&Bowen for a very short while.
Walked to West Plaza & walked back home again =.=
Andrew said in other country , "Bella" is known as "Mei nu"
So, "Is-a-bella" means " Is a Meinu ".
Don't know whether true or false =.=

Oh no! My Olevel is approaching soon ): I'm so gonna die !!!!
I haven't even done my art , I'm still left with so many stuffs to do.
Can someone who is good in art help me think of what to draw, etc ?!?!
Damn it , i really must work hard !!! Sigh , who can help me?!?!?!
Help me then i give you 10 000?!?!? Not enough ?!?!
Then what about 500 000 ?!?!?! What ?!?! Still not enough ?!?!
Okay la, 1 million ?!?!?! Take it or leave it !!!!
If i really have 1 million, you will see me naked on the streets,
jumping around like a bloody mad women !!!

I'm lazy to type more, shall end here then(:
Sorry guys, not much photos this week,
I'm too lazy to cam-whore (:

I've decided to change my blog song to Cai hong.
Because when i hear this song, it will reminds me of how hubby sang.
I love you hubby , my baby Ong-eh !!!!

Hubby, i wanna watch movie?!?!
When's our next date ?!?!
2nd year anniversary coming soon....

Reply to only some tags

Someone : Thanks so much (:
AngelaLim : Haha, Ya, i don't like Samantha! you study hard too!
Lost : I don't really get what you are saying. Leave down your msn(:
Passerby : Thanks.There's no need to feel down becos even if you are sad or happy, life still needs to go on.But I'm glad becos after you read my blog,you will feel happy !! At least i know i can make someone happy out there (:
Bebeeh : Thanks for the advice,but i love long hair.
{{{{: : I'm not sure about the website,& i don't find the visits true.
Hi pww : LYS, she's not Huang JiaXin.
Yinginy : Haha, thanks :D
^^ : Thanks so much sweets (:
[: : Thanks for your compliment !
MooMoo : No, I'm not involved in the dance.
Taggie : But i can't view the video): I don't know how to explain to you,the way you talked,looked at people in some sarcastic manner or something.
Katie : Using random make-ups,no specific ones.JiaXin dont have blog.
Angela : Thanks, but I'm not slim, I'm too skinny ):
Janice : Nah, I didn't went . Don't have the time.
J : I'm not sure about the website, i only have the code.
- : Of cos she's pretty & cute , afterall she's my Darling.
Passerby- [: : Yeah, True, Don't be like me, Not good =.=
Yoyo : Haha ! Yeah, thanks for reading my blog yeah?
Passerby : 30 plus kg , Yes, I'm super duper thin ):
Passerby- j : Yup, but my legs no fats ): BOO !
=D : I don't have tummy so i don't know how to get rid of it.
PASSERBY : Go to Downtown East office there to book.
Passer : Why are you asking me such confidential matters? Please do not be too open-minded, or you will land yourself into trouble .
PAsserby-kira : I can't grow fat, is not that i don't want to eat.
Pass : I can't grow fat due to genes & high metabolism !
Passerbyy : Yes,she smoke.There's no need to be jealous of my body.
Gani : Yup , LYS (:
Passerby 2 : Glue on the eyelash,then stick it slightly above your real lashes,
you can find out more on Youtube (:
Jer : You hate Samantha too ?!?! Who are you ?
Han : Great personality ?!?! Thanks for the compliment.
Heehee : Yeah, high metabolism!!!Will try to eat more!!!
Zhu : Leave down your msn , i try to help you (:
Biatch : You mean Hoodies ?! Online (:
Passerby : That's not a dress , it's a top, brought at Bugis.
Meme : Using Adobe Photoshop (:
Guest : Leave your msn down, i will tell you more.
Passerby ; Lingger' : I might try going to weight gaining centre(:

I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm off to Hubby's house now,
then both of us will be meeting Amanda Sis & maybe Kaven Sis later.
Should be either going Bugis or elsewhere today.
Might be visiting JiaXin Darling at night if she's still at that place.

Bye people :D 이별
Might update again when i come back.
Thanks so much for tagging , i appreciate it .

Any comments on this 2 pictures?!?!
I will post up many more next time , so stay tuned (:

I love Ong Tai Jun

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've received my photo shoot pictures yesterday .
Credits to Esther :D 너를 감사하십시요

Have you guys heard of VIWAWA ?!?!?!
Oh my !!!!!! I'm so so so so so so so addicted to VIWAWA now.
Add & vote for my wawa now !!! poisonwawa

Alright , i shall end here .
At least I did made the effort to update yeah ?!?!?!
Shall end this post with 1 of my photo shoot picture.
I will post up the other pictures next time.
Bye babes & hunks , I'm off to play VIWAWA.

I'm so in love with Hubby.

Click here to enlarge

I love Ong Tai Jun

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

(can you guys view the video? Pls tag & tell me)

Hip hip hooray
to my school dancers,
especially my class dancers :D

This competition was held on Sunday , outside Cathy.
60 schools competed with one another.
Although our school didn't get into the final ,
at least they won the BEST SUPPORTING TEAM (:

They gave their best =)

( I can't upload through blogger's video, so uploaded through Youtube )

I love Ong Tai Jun

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just like a tattoo, i will always have you.

Yes, I'm feeling depressed.

I love Ong Tai Jun

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dikau pernah berkata,

aku lah yang pertama dan dua akhirnya

I looked like &@%^ in this picture, but i like !!!!
when i smile, she looked down, when i looked down, she smile !?!?!
She's watching PORN !!!!! Bad darling of mine.

MANGO MANGO, here i come =.=

Hello guys :D I'm back again .

Zouk Underage Party was held on Tuesday.
But I didn't went that day.
My friends and i were actually planning to go that night ,
but last minute , we decided not to.

We already predicted that Zouk will be damn
packed as too many people were going.
Within 1 hour , you will see yourself sweating like hell ,
as if you just participate in a marathon. Can you imagine ?!?!?!

Heard from so many friends that Zouk this year was worse than last year.
Heng i never go , waste my time , money only . Haha .
Underage party really sucks , shall wait till I'm 18 then.
Sorry Zeelia/Nana , will get tickets from you all next time .

I was actually supposed to meet Annice Wifey on Monday.
But she could not make it last minute.
Then i slept all the way during noon time ,
At night, went down to meet some peeps at my house nearby.

The next day, Met XiaoBen&Nana Sis at my house bus stop.
It was raining cats and dogs , stopped halfway, then it began to pour again.
Three of us walked all the way to Elias Mall & went Lan Shop to find others.
The sight of Samantha made me feel like vomiting man !?!?!?!?

XiaoBen went Mac first,then Nana&I stood there waiting for Kaven.
Then i said : " They so slow, arbo we go walk walk first. "
Then Nana Sis&I walked around ,
then when we intend to return back to the place we both stood just now.

While walking back, a glass cup dropped from second floor,
dropped at the same spot that Nana&I stood just now.
Omg! Luckily we went to walked around,if not we might be disfigured now.
And all of you must come to the hospital to visit me ): poor me.
Then i called Kaven and she told me she's already inside the Lan shop.
I'm like wtf ?!?!Here i am waiting for you,then you are in Lan shop?!?!

Then Nana sis, Amanda sis&I went up Macdonald .
Thanks Nana sis for drawing that Cute girl cartoon for my art ! Haha.
By the way, Xiao Ben was super uber noisy that day . Noisy la Ben !!!
Then slacked at Mac for an hour , then JiaXin Darling finally came.

Then Eric,XiaoJames,Kaven,Nigel&others came out from Lan shop.
Then all of them went Kopitiam to eat, then i walked home to change.
After changing my clothes, Daddy fetched me to Elias Mall ,
then took bus to Downtown East with all of them.
I swear they are fcuking noisy in the bus , & i told Eric to shut up,
and he gave me that Fcuking Innocent look !?!?!

Reached Downtown East, saw my Zeelia Bitch.
then she accompanied JiaXin&Me to have our Guo Tie&Dumpling.
Went back Mac, slacked ,Damien came and gave me so many cigarettes.
Then he kept asking me : " You enough anot, enough anot ? " Haha !
After slacking , JiaXin went to Hospital, then i went to Hubby's house.
Stayed at Hubby's house till very late ,then his mum send me home.

On Wednesday,met up with Amanda Sis first, off to Plaza Singapura.
Was actually meeting XiiaoKii Sis also, but she went to work.
Met my XiaoBaby Sis there , then the 3 of us walked around.
We went to the dessert place to have my Mango dessert first .
All of you should try it man,its really pure mango!! I want to eat again.
Then brought food from Chippy's and brought Donut too.
Slacked at StarBucks as it was raining , after that, went Bugis.

Saw the usual people at Bugis again and we went to Fu lu shou complex.
After walking around, 3 of us decided to slack at the small kopitiam.
And guessed what,I ordered Shark Fins & its Vegetarian Shark Fins.
The taste is not bad, but you must eat it when its hot , if not =.=
Then XiaoBaby sis became Santa Claus as she started giving me Cigarette.
I really don't know why nowadays everyone is giving me so many sticks.
And take note, I didn't asked them , its AUTOMATIC !?!?! Haha.

Then XiaoBaby sis went home,Amanda Sis&I went Downtown east.
Both of us was like crazy that day , shall not tell you guys what happen.
Went Mac to meet the usual cliques, saw that Samantha Bitch again.
I told Kaven : " Woah! she really like superglue man ! "
I said that purposely to Kaven, as Samantha was sitting beside.
Then that day outside Lan shop,
I told Kaven : " Why is there a dog following you ?!?! "
FYI , Samantha own self claimed that she's a dog , so yeah !?!?!

Then Samantha told Kaven:"Next time, isabella come, don't call me come down."
I never even do anything to her, and i don't know why she's so afraid of me.

I stayed at home the whole day on Thursday , good girl right ?!?!?!
Met JiaXin Darling at Bedok on Friday
Watched RULE #1 movie at Princess ,
starring Shawn Yue,Ekin Cheng,Fiona Xie&Stephanie Chie.
We brought Sushi's , fries , nuggets and drinks .
I rate the show 8/10 , although its kinda scary , but i don't even understand.
There's no head or tail in the story and i really wanna watch it again.
Who wanna watch ?!?! Treat me and i will watch with you . Haha.
But all of you should catch the movie man !! Two thumbs up !!

After watching, JiaXin and i went Blk 23 slacked.
Her friend came , then i went to Hubby's house .
I told him so many things,told him how i felt & I'm glad he understand.
I just wanna lead life happier with him ,only him ,no other guys.
And after i knew what that malay bitch text, i felt like killing her.

Then Hubby's mum send me home, then they both quarrelled in the car.
And I'm like in the middle , both also don't want to side.
When this type of things happen, it's better to keep your mouth shut.
Then Home sweet home :D

I've got like tons of pictures to upload , but I'm too lazy ):
School will be starting again on Monday ! BOO .
I'm gonna fail my art so so so so so badly , I'm still at FHOD ):


Oh ya , oh ya, classmates will be representing our school for dance compeition.
Please go down to support them outside Cathay , opposite YMCA building.
They need your support ! Go down go down on this sunday .

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Galgal : 30plus kg , I didn't maintain it to be like this, but i just can't grow fat. For clear skin, just make sure that you watch your face everyday . Btw, it seems that you are going around asking people the same qns.
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